Airtable is a popular project management software with over 170,000 users. Some of the top brands use Airtable because of its visual nature.

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Align your teams around game-changing projects and applications with scalable + flexible Asana + Airtable automation. Whether you work in sales, marketing, revenue, product, or any other department, go beyond Asana + Airtable connectors and use the Tray Platform to build limitless, multi-step automation that up-levels your project management and drives productivity.

But it isn’t perfect — different project management tools will suit different businesses and individuals. Therefore, if you aren’t pleased with Airtable and all the visual features it offers, you might want to check out the eleven Airtable alternatives I have listed below.

  1. See Airtable Integrations See Asana Integrations Connect Airtable + Asana in Minutes It's easy to connect Airtable + Asana and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.
  2. Built by Asana, the CSV importer makes it easy to move data from tools—such as Excel, Smartsheet, Wrike, Monday.com, Airtable, and Trello—into Asana so you can get started right away on any project. Once imported, you’ll see your data in Asana as tasks in a project.
  3. Asana is an organizational tool for managing projects and tasks Staying on top of your to do list and keeping track of your Asana tasks can be a little overwhelming. With this integration, you’ll be able to organize the to do list for your projects and keep all the documents and images you.
  4. Jan 21, 2021 Airtable can connect with a large number of online services, such as Asana, Box, Google Drive, Basecamp, SMS Salesforce, Zendesk, Github, Trello, and even Instagram (for uploading images).

First, More About Airtable Project Management Tool

To pick the best Airtable alternative, you need to be able to compare them against Airtable. So, here’s a quick primer about Airtable’s features and benefits.

Airtable is a sophisticated visual project management software. You can use it to create projects in various views depending on the type of project and user preferences. These include grid, calendar, gallery, kanban, and Gantt charts.

One of its unique features that brings its workflows to life are blocks. There are both in-built blocks from Airtable itself and from third-party apps such as Typeform, Pexels, Loom, etc.

It also integrates with several other third-party apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, etc.

Creating and managing projects with Airtable is a breeze as it has templates that help you get started quickly. And it has both desktop (Mac and Windows) and mobile apps that help you and your team communicate in real-time.

Best suited for: Large organizations and companies.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $0 and goes up to custom. There are also $10/month and $20/month plans in between.

Does Airtable offer a free trial? Yes, a free plan is available.

1. Plutio

AppSumo Deal: Plutio

Manage your entire business from one dashboard.


There’s a common issue with most project management tools, such as Airtable. They usually design their software for large organizations with scores of employees.

Very few of them make them for individuals and smaller companies.

One of the few ones I have come across is Plutio. It’s a simple project management tool you can use to create projects and tasks and assign them to your team. Your team can communicate back in real-time.

You can even track the time your team is spending on a project. You can use this data to boost productivity and charge your clients the right amount if you bill by the hour.

Plutio is more than just a project management solution. You can also use it to create professional invoices, proposals, forms & surveys, and execute many more tasks. It’s a complete tool you can use to run a freelance business or a small agency.

Plutio might have many features, but its project management features aren’t as robust as Airtable’s. It will only work for you if you are looking for something simple and straightforward.

Best suited for: Freelancers and small agencies.

Pricing: Starts with a Solo plan at $15 per month and goes up to a Team plan that costs $30 per month. The Team plan will cost you $360 per year. But on Appsumo, you can get it for just $199 per year.

Does Plutio offer a free trial? Yes, a 14-day free trial is available.

2. Agiled

AppSumo Deal: Agiled

An integrated white-label platform that consolidates and streamlines all your business operations.


Agiled is an all-in-one management tool. You can use it to manage your employees, clients, and leads.

You can create a white-labeled portal for each client.

Employee management features include the creation of projects and tasks, time tracking, and employee attendance tracking. It has kanban style boards that make it easy for your team to visualize a project and communicate.

You can also use Agiled to create contracts and proposals for your clients and to manage your finances.

Air Table To Asana Massage

And it has an excellent insights feature that lets you track your team’s performance.

Best suited for: Agencies with lots of clients.

Pricing: Starts at $0 per month and goes up to $79 per month. But you can get it for life for a one time payment of just $59 on Appsumo.

Does Agiled offer a free plan? Yes, a free plan is available.

3. Stackby

AppSumo Deal: Stackby


Everything you need to plan, organize, and automate your work.


If you’re looking for an Airtable alternative, Stackby is just about the closest you’ll ever get.

It’s straightforward as a spreadsheet, but also functions like a database. Plus, it’s often touted as the missing half of Airtable because it’s supercharged with APIs and automations.

Built for non-technical teams, Stackby is a complete collaborative platform that lets you customize your own work tools your way. With over 25 unique column types and 30+ native column connectable API integrations with popular services like Google Analytics, YouTube, MailChimp, Facebook Ads, the platform is powerful, yet simple to use.

You can plan, manage, and also automate your data enrichment and reporting in a single place. Whether you’re a marketing team managing content, campaigns, and reports, a sales team dealing with leads, or even a project management team assigning tasks, Stackby has you covered.

With customizable forms, plus Kanban & gallery views, you can visualize your data effectively and share it with the world with embeddable views.

Stackby also has a web app, mobile apps, and a Chrome extension (Web Clipper).

Best suited for: SMBs, agencies, and large organizations

Pricing: Starts with a personal solo plan at $5/user per month, scaling to the Economy plan at $9/user per month and the Business plan which costs $18/user per month. The Economy plan for six users would normally cost you $648 per year. Javascript sequence diagram. But on AppSumo, you can get it for just $199 per year!

Does Stackby offer a free trial? Yes, a 7-day (+7-day extension) free trial is available.

4. Asana

If you are looking for a simple kanban project management tool, you should check out Asana. Setting up projects and tasks on it is a piece of cake as you mainly use the kanban boards to set up the different stages and then create cards to manage tasks.

Asana also has a calendar. You can use it to track time and manage schedules. Your team can view the project and communicate back via both the desktop and mobile apps.

Your team should be able to figure out how to use it very quickly. You will even find some automation features that can simplify things further. Asana also has a very generous free version. It should be sufficient for most businesses.

The only drawback of Asana is that it is very basic. It doesn’t have other types of charts, such as Gantt charts that Airtable offers.

Looking for an alternative to Asana? Check out our list here.

Airtable to asana english

Best suited for: Individuals to small businesses.

Pricing: Starts at $0 and goes up to enterprise. It also has a $10.99 per month plan and a $24.99 per month plan in between.

Does Asana offer a free trial? Yes, a free plan is available.

5. Basecamp

Basecamp is one of the best project management apps. You can use it to manage projects, teams, and to communicate with your entire company.

First, you create projects and then assign teams to the project. After that, you can create to-do lists and assign tasks to individual team members. You can also set different schedules for the project. For communication, it has the message board and campfire chat room.

All the files used in the project get accumulated in a single place. It makes it easy to access them.

There’s also a central board where all the employees at the company can communicate with each other.

Overall it is a great tool that is very easy to use. It also has a free plan, but it is too basic. To get the most out of it, you need to subscribe to the paid plan. It costs $99 per month. It is a bit pricey, especially when compared with the other tools on the list.

Looking for a Basecamp alternative? Check out our list here.

Best suited for: Large companies.

Pricing: They have two plans – the $0 and the $99 per month plan.

Does Basecamp offer a free trial? Yes, a free version is available.

6. Nifty

Nifty is a remote collaboration hub that empowers your remote team’s daily project, task, and communication activities through automated reporting and scalable insights. Nifty is a favorite amongst product, marketing, development, and client facing teams, and was awarded Software Advice’s #1 Workflow Tool of 2020 as well as G2’s #1 Easiest to use Project Management solution.

Nifty closes the gap between communication and action with its one-click Zoom integration, its powerful Slack integration, and its immersive GSuite integration that brings new and pre-existing Google Docs, Sheets, and Presentations into your projects.

Best suited for: Teams of all sizes.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $39 per month, billed annually.

Does Basecamp offer a free trial? Yes, a 7-day free trial is available.

7. Zenkit

Zenkit is the project management tool that will suit almost any business.


It has a kanban view for creating and managing simple projects, and there is the Gantt chart view for more sophisticated ones. There’s also a wiki view.

You’ll even find a calendar view to track tasks, events, and employees. And to make it easy to manage and follow through with your projects, it has an inbox where you can see all your projects and tasks.

Zenkit has desktop apps (for windows, mac, and Linux) and mobile apps (Android and iOS) that make it easy to communicate.

And if you are switching from another popular tool such as Trello or Asana, it should be easy to move as it has a board importer that lets you move things.

The only con with Zenkit is the storage. Storage is limited to 1GB with the free plan and 6GB with the basic plan. To get more, you need to subscribe to the bigger plans.

Best suited for: Small to large companies.

Pricing: Starts at $0 goes up to enterprise. There are two middle plans at €6 per month and €9 per month.

Does Zenkit offer a free trial? Yes, a free plan is available.

8. Wrike

Wrike is a stellar project management software with over 20,000+ users. It’s easy to create projects with it as it has several pre-made templates. Some of them include agile teamwork, project scheduling, marketing campaign management, product launch, etc.

All you need to do it pick one or a few of these templates depending on the project(s) you are creating. Then divide the project down into tasks and add assignees (team members). After that, you can set start and due dates.

Airtable sign in

Your employees can get started on the project and communicate back with you in real-time if they have any questions.

It’s that easy. It has both Kanban and Gantt chart views to help visualize your projects and complete tasks on time.

Best suited for: Large businesses.

Pricing: The free plan is $0. There is a $9.80 per user/month plan and a $24.80 per user/month plan in the middle. It also has an enterprise plan.

Does Wrike offer a free trial? Yes, a free version is available.

9. Zoho

Zoho is a simple cloud-based project management solution. Like other project management tools, you can create projects and tasks, assign them to employees, and set start and end dates. You can track time with Zoho too.

You can also interlink tasks so that the next one automatically starts after the previous one ends.

And it has four types of views. These are classic, plain, kanban, and Gantt charts. You can pick the view depending on the project you are creating.

Zoho integrates with several third-party tools such as Zapier, Dropbox, GitHub, and Slack to simplify project management even more.

It also integrates with other Zoho tools such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Docs, etc.

It might have all these integrations, but it is a simple tool when compared with Airtable. It will suit you best if you plan to use other Zoho tools too.


Best suited for: Individuals to medium businesses.

Pricing: $0 to $6 per user/month.

Does Zoho offer a free trial? Yes, a free plan is available.

10. Podio

Airtable To Asana To Create

Podio is a management tool from Citrix. You can use it to manage both employees and clients.

It has several views for managing different projects and tasks. You can also pick them based on the people working on the project and their preferences.

You can use it just like the other task management tools. It’s the same process.

Podio integrates with several third-party tools, including Citrix’s own GotoMeeting.

The software is easy to use, but the user interface needs an upgrade.

Best suited for: Project managers and small to large businesses.

Pricing: $0 to $24 per month with $9 and $14 plans in between.

Does Podio offer a free trial? Yes, a free plan is available.

Airtable To Asana Mp3

11. Quip

Quip helps you manage projects in Salesforce. It enables you to introduce documents, spreadsheets, slides, and charts into Salesforce and use them together.

Documents and slides can not just be accessed but also edited collaboratively by the team. You can use slides to present data from both spreadsheets and Salesforce. You can also use them to gather feedback and measure engagement.

And of course, chat can be used to communicate. It includes both team chat and 1:1 messaging.

It also has a lot of templates that can help you get started quickly.

Best suited for: Enterprises.

Pricing: $10 per user/month to custom.

Does Quip offer a free trial? Yes, a free trial is available.

12. Trello

Trello is my favorite project management tool. I use it to manage all my projects.

It’s a simple project management app (both desktop and mobile) with over 50 million users. There’s also a web version.

It’s very similar to Asana. You start by using the kanban board view to create different stages for your projects. You can then divide the project into tasks with cards and assign them to team members and set deadlines.

It’s very straightforward and easy to use. If you are looking for something simple Trello would be perfect for you. You and your team can master using it in a few days. If you have any questions, you can check out the knowledge base or contact customer support.

Air Table To Asana Drive

But if you are looking for more advanced features, you need to set your sights elsewhere. As Trello hasn’t got all those advanced features that Airtable has.

Looking for an alternative to Trello? Check out our list here.

Best suited for: Individuals to small teams.

Pricing: Starts at $0 and goes up to $17.50 per user/month. It also has a $9.99 per user/month plan in the middle.

Does Trello offer a free trial? Yes, a free plan is available.

Have You Picked Your Airtable Alternative?

Airtable Database

As you can see above, there are so many fantastic Airtable alternatives. Some are simpler and cheaper than Airtable, while others are more sophisticated and cost more. The one you pick should depend on your needs and budget. So, make sure you assess them carefully before you decide on a tool.

Airtable To Asana English

Almost all of the above offer trials or free plans. You can try them out before zoning in on your favorites.

Airtable Asana Zapier

You might also want to check out the Appsumo store for more project management tools. They are regularly adding some of the best ones.

You can get most of them for life for a one-time fee. You might also discover some other tools that can help with running your business. Visit now!