A battery charger is something I used to really want as a kid. Unlike current day, where many electronic devices come with a rechargeable battery, we had to buy double and triple A batteries for pretty much everything! They didn’t come cheap either. The alternative was buying a set of rechargeable batteries and getting a battery charger to charge them. These also weren’t cheap and quite often performance was pretty bad. Even the best rechargeable batteries gave only a few hours of use out a full charge.

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Rechargeable Batteries – Why Bother

Times have changed now and a lot of electronic devices come with a rechargeable battery pack with a portable charger. However, not everything does. There are still a vast amount of toys that require at least one AA battery or AAA battery. There is also a huge retro scene from gaming to other electronics that rely on devices that still use double and triple A batteries. Having to constantly buy batteries can add up and be quiet a large hidden expense. Grabbing some rechargeable AA batteries, AAA rechargeable batteries and a battery charger can end up saving you quite a lot of money in the long run.

If you’re anything like me you find it a pain to dispose of batteries in the correct fashion. We all know we shouldn’t just throw used batteries in the rubbish as they are highly corrosive and toxic to our environment. However, finding the right place to dispose of them is a chore. I literally have bags of used batteries that are waiting to be disposed of correctly. Using rechargeable batteries saves me the headache of trying to dispose of them as they are reusable.

So having a battery recharger is still as important today as it was 20 years ago. And fortunately the price of rechargeable batteries has come down drastically! So what are the best rechargeable batteries and charger you can get these days?

AmazonBasics Battery Charger

This time last year and with an increasing toy pile over Christmas I went on the search for the best rechargeable battery charger I could find. My usual internet searching habits brought me over to Amazon where I came across the AmazonBasics Battery Charger. A combination of the great customer scores and brilliant price I decided to pick one up. A year later I am really pleased with the Amazon battery recharger and fully recommend it to anyone looking for the best AA and AAA battery charger at a budget price.

As the name may imply the AmazonBasics Battery Charger is a no frills charger a very low price. As with most of the AmazonBasics range, the charger gives you the basics of what you need with none of the other features that push the price of similar products up. However, what Amazon count as “basic” pretty much covers everything you need! And for a product like a battery recharger how many frills do you really need? In my year of using the Amazon battery charger there has been nothing that I’ve thought was missing. All you really need from a battery charger is for it to be compact, safe and quick. The AmazonBasics Battery Charger ticks all of these boxes and a few more too!

AA Battery Charger And AAA Battery Charger In One

The AmazonBasics Battery Charger functions as both a AAA and AA battery charger. Unlike some of the larger chargers available, the Amazon charger reduces its size and still offers AAA and AA charging. This is achieved by having well designed slots for the batteries. Depending on whether you are inserting a AAA battery or an AA battery the battery will slot into its allocated position smoothly. Once the batteries are inserted, the unit begins to recharge automatically in pairs. You can charge your batteries in a straight set of four AA or AAA or as a combo of two AA and two AAA.

Being able to charge the two most common battery sizes at the same time makes it excellent for catering for multiple devices that may take different batteries.

Smart Charger vs Trickle Charger

Amazon Battery Charger

Another great thing about the Amazon battery charger is that it is a smart charger. Now what is a smart charger?

There are three basics types of battery charger available these days. These are smart charger, trickle charger and basic charger.

Smart Charger

A smart charger will stop charging the rechargeable battery once it gets to maximum charge.

Trickle Charger

A trickle charger slowly charges the battery at approximately the same rate the battery naturally depletes. In theory this should keep the rechargeable battery from over charging. However in practice the closer a battery is to maximum charge the more likely it is of overcharging.

Basic Charger

A basic charger offers no smart features and will basically continue to recharge the batteries despite them being fully charged. Thus resulting in over charging which can cause long term damage.

Amazon battery charger for car

With the AmazonBasics battery charger being a smart charger it means you can plug in your batteries and forget about them until you are ready to use them. That’s one less thing you need to think about and all helps towards a more relaxed lifestyle.

Battery Charger Speed


If you are in need of fully charged batteries quickly then the Amazon charger can fully charge your rechargeable batteries in just 4 hours. Whilst not the fastest battery charger on the market, 4 hours is still a decent speed. Especially if you know in advance when you are going to need your AA or AAA battery.

Some other chargers claim to fully recharge your batteries in under an hour. However, this functionality comes at a premium and speeds often depend on the capacity of your rechargeable batteries. Higher capacity batteries take longer than lower capacity batteries.

Mobile Phone Charger

A nice feature that the AmazonBasics Battery Charger comes with and a feature I don’t consider basic by any means is the USB mobile charger. The charger comes equipped with a USB port for charging a smartphone, pad or other handheld device. You cannot charger your batteries and mobile device at the same time as the USB charging port takes priority over AA/AAA battery charging. However after the USB device is fully charged, the charger automatically resumes battery charging. Once again meaning you don’t really need to worry once everything is plugged in.

It’s little extra features like this that make me a fan of the AmazonBasics range of equipment. Quite often giving their items more features than the “Basic” name may indicate.

Portable Charger

Another nice feature is the battery chargers built-in switching power technology. The charger automatically switches between 100-240 V AC, making this perfect for use worldwide. Pair this with the compact size plug based design of the AmazonBasics Battery Charger and you have a fantastic portable charger on your hands.

Best Rechargeable Batteries

How to check public ip. A battery charger is absolutely useless without a set of rechargeable batteries! There are a multitude of AAA rechargeable batteries and rechargeable AA batteries to choose from. However, the key to getting the best out of your battery charger is to pair it with the batteries best suited for that charger.


As you have probably guessed Amazon have an Amazon basics range of rechargeable batteries including AA and AAA. In their range are bunch of variations. My personal favourites are the high capacity batteries but they also offer the standard variety. Below you can find a list of the top AmazonBasics and other best rechargeable batteries:

Rechargeable Battery Charger Amazon

AmazonBasics Battery Charger Conclusion

Overall the AmazonBasics Battery Charger and the associate AmazonBasics rechargeable batteries are a great option for anyone looking to start using rechargeable AA and AAA batteries. The battery charger provides everything you need in a battery recharger and throws in a few extra features all for a budget price.


Amazon Battery Charger Blinking Red

  • Added mobile phone charger functionality
  • Smart charger capability
  • Automatic switching from phone to battery charging
  • Automatic power switching 100-240 V AC depending on location
  • Great value for money


  • Could do with a few extra slots to charge more batteries
  • Does not charge phone and batteries at the same time

Amazon Battery Charger


Amazon Auto Battery Charger