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Expand the lifespan of your batteries: lead sulphate is removed by the electrical high-frequency pulsation process of the battery reconditioner.

Oct 21, 2019 How to recondition battery at home: if all the above fails, of course you have an option to recondition your battery at home. It is a lot easier than what is feared. A lead acid battery is a bit tricky, but laptops and cell phones mostly use Li ion batteries. Reconditioning a Li ion battery is as easy as simple recalibration! I take 4 junk 12V batteries and bring them back to life with a combo of epsom salt and used battery acid.I've now done a part 2 with a cold cranking amp test. A reconditioned battery will work just like a new one. There is a common misunderstanding among many people in regards to recharging and reconditioning for being identical. The truth is that recharging a battery will only give it a charge for a period. However, battery reconditioning involves restoring the battery to its full capacity. Reconditioning a car battery. Just like many other apart of the car, a battery is equally expensive, however you don’t need to go that far to buy other ones, you can as well recondition them and they will be just close to new ones.

Battery Monitoring System: perform individual voltage measurements of all cells during a complete discharge and receive a perfect battery evaluation and a clear overview of the performance of each cell!

Discharging is an important part of battery testing. The time it takes to discharge shows you how healthy your battery is. It lets you know how well it will perform.

DT-9889 Digital Multimeter built-in Thermal Imager
Battery ReconditioningBattery

The built-in Thermal Imager design quickly identifies hot spots without contact. The device has a large LCD display and a long work time with a li-ion battery.

Specific gravity testing is easy and efficient with this refractometer.

Perform individual voltage measurements of all cells with this multivoltage 80 V battery.


Battery Reconditioning Kit

Battery Reconditioning
Portable battery discharger & Battery Monitoring System (BMS-system)

Portable battery discharger with a precisely controlled current.

This battery capacity tester measures resistance, voltage, current and temperature.

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Reduced testing complexity, a simplified workflow and an intuitive user interface provide a new level of ease-of-use in battery testing.

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The 279 FC is a full-featured digital multimeter with integrated thermal imaging and is designed to increase your productivity and confidence.

The AQ Steam cleaner is a “continuous recharge” revolutionary industrial steam cleaner designed and marketed by ENERGIC PLUS.

Battery Reconditioning Chemicals

The BDX is an automatic battery discharger/analyzer, designed to test the efficiency of industrial batteries of any type, voltage and capacity.

The AQ Steam cleaner is a “continuous recharge” revolutionary industrial steam cleaner designed and marketed by ENERGIC PLUS.

Battery Reconditioning

With this professional battery acid tester you can test the state of charge of a battery cell. This is performed by measuring the density of the electrolyte, which is accomplished by measuring the specific gravity of the electrolyte. The greater the concentration of sulfuric acid, the more dense the electrolyte becomes.

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The M-101 Portable Battery Maintenance System makes it possible for anyone to perform professional battery maintenance either in a workshop or on the go.