Pick up where your lawnmower leaves off with a cordless, battery-powered string trimmer—a user-friendly, low-hassle outdoor power tool that can help you keep your yard trim and tidy.

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A quality hedge trimmer is an excellent tool to help speed up your yard work. With no cord to watch out for and no gas to mix, the best battery powered hedge trimmers are quickly becoming the most popular options for home owners in 2021. Having the right battery operated hedge trimmer can help you actually enjoy trimming your bushes, tress,. The battery powered or electric cordless string trimmer can be used to maintain areas where the mower cannot operate. These include flower beds, garden borders, sloping grounds, embankments, hedge edges, tree edges, wall bases, etc. EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless. EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless String Trimmer - 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Kit. Dual-feed twist line with 0.095 in. Hi-efficiency brushless motor with variable speed. Weather-resistant construction. Variable speed trigger. The Best Battery Powered Trimmers you can buy today! Our experts from Homeer group highlight Top 23 Best Battery Powered Trimmers to help you decide which one is the perfect one for you. No more time-consuming by checking the list below.

To give your yard a polished look, particularly in those spots you can’t easily maintain with your lawnmower, consider using a cordless electric string trimmer. Compared to traditional, gas-powered string trimmers, electric models are easier to maintain because you don’t need to worry about mixing fuel or storing gasoline. Corded electric string trimmers are another option. However, a corded string trimmer must always be plugged into an outlet to operate, which limits your range of motion. With a cordless electric string trimmer, you roam wherever you like on your property, cutting back overgrown areas for as much time as the battery charge allows. Check out some of the top cordless trimmers to find the best one for your yard maintenance needs.

  1. BEST OVERALL:WORX 20V PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer & Edger
  2. RUNNER UP:BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX String Trimmer/Edger
  4. BEST FOR LARGE YARDS:Makita 18V X2 LXT Brushless Cordless String Trimmer
  5. BEST FOR PROS:EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt Cordless String Trimmer
  6. ALSO CONSIDER:WORX GT Revolution 20V Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Cordless Trimmer

Best Battery Powered Trimmer

When shopping for a string trimmer, keep in mind yard size, how often you’ll be using the tool, and who will be doing the actual trimming. The following key considerations will help you choose the right model for your needs.

Trim Width

Trim width, also called “swath width,” indicates how wide a path the trimmer will cut through weeds in a single pass. Many models on the market today feature swath widths of 10 to 18 inches. The wider the width, the more power the trimmer must-have, which often means the trimmer will be heavier because it will require a larger, more powerful battery.

Battery Type

Running a string trimmer requires a hefty dose of power, and most of today’s trimmers run on rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-on) batteries, but a few accept nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries. Li-on batteries are more powerful but NiCad batteries are less expensive (an average of $70 to $125 less). Li-on batteries also are smaller and hold a charge longer.

NiCad batteries suffer from “memory effect,” meaning if the battery is used before it has fully charged—or if it’s recharged before its power depletes—it will remember the charge levels and won’t hold a longer charge in the future. If you opt for a trimmer that has a NiCad battery, you’ll get the best results if you let it charge fully before use and drain completely before charging. For most users, a string trimmer with a Li-on battery will be the best choice.


Along with battery type, consider how much operating power the battery has, which is measured in volts. Today’s rechargeable string trimmer batteries average from 18 volts up to 60 volts of power. More powerful batteries at the high end often are intended for commercial use and can cost $200 or more per battery. The string trimmers in this category often sell without a battery (or battery charger), which the user must purchase separately. Batteries at the lower end are sufficient for powering many string trimmers and one or two batteries often come with the purchase of a trimmer.

Ease of Use

Right from the start, cordless string trimmers are simpler to operate than gas-powered trimmers because there’s no fuel to mix or time and energy spent yanking a pull-cord. Beyond that, a couple of additional factors will help determine how easy the tool is to operate.

  • Auto feed vs. bump feed vs. button feed: This pertains to how the tool releases an additional trimming line as it becomes frayed and broken during use. The standby is a bump feed where the user bumps the bottom of the trimmer—the area where the spool attaches—on the ground to release a few inches of line. Some newer models feature an auto-feed sensor that gauges the length of the string and releases more when needed. Still, others feature a push button that releases more line. Auto and button feeds eliminate the need to bump the spool, which can reduce the risk of damage if bumped too hard, but many commercial-type trimmers still use bump feed because it’s quick and easy.
  • Curved shaft vs. straight shaft: Some stringers feature a straight shaft that runs from the head of the trimmer to the end while other models feature a distinct curve in the shaft about two-thirds of the way down. Curved-shaft trimmers often are easier to operate since the spool end already rests at a handy angle for cutting weeds. Straight shaft trimmers often accommodate interchangeable tools, such as a tree trimmer head, which can be swapped out depending on what you’ll be trimming. In general, straight shaft trimmers work better for users at least 6-feet tall, while shorter users will appreciate curved shaft trimmers.


Battery-powered string trimmers have a distinct advantage over gas-powered trimmers when it comes to noise pollution. Gas-powered trimmers are moderately loud, emitting an average of 90 decibels—or about the same loudness that a motorcycle makes when it passes by at a distance of 25 feet. By contrast, a cordless string trimmer emits approximately 77 decibels, which is comparable to the loudness of living room music.

Our Top Picks

The best string trimmer should be durable, easy to use, and powerful enough to handle your individual weed-cutting needs. The models on this list are best suited to a variety of landscapes and users.

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1. BEST OVERALL: WORX 20V PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

Trim with precision using this combination trimmer-edger from WORX. The tool features an adjustment that switches it instantly from trimming to edging to help you create crisp, clean lines along paths and walkways and around the perimeter of a lawn. Running on a 20-volt lithium-ion battery, the WORX includes several features that make it extra user-friendly. For one, the head of the tool tilts to enable easier trimming on sloped terrain. For another, the WORX has a nifty spacer guard to help keep it a safe distance away from obstacles like tree trunks and shrubs.

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2. RUNNER UP: BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX String Trimmer/Edger

From BLACK+DECKER, this 40V trimmer-edge combo unit offers everything the average lawn owner needs to keep curb appeal at its best. It features an auto-feed spool, so no bumping is necessary. Also, like with our top pick, this trimmer converts to an edger for making clean cuts along sidewalks and drives. The tool cuts across a 13-inch swath and comes with a battery charge indicator, so you can see just how much trimming power remains before you’ll need to recharge.

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Keeping a yard neat and tidy doesn’t have to break the bank. This affordable trimmer-edger has plenty of power to chew through tall grass and weeds at an affordable price point. It features a 10-inch cutting swath, an automatic feed spool, and power from a 20V lithium-ion battery. Weighing just 4.5 pounds, and with a trigger to control its speed, this string trimmer is an easy one to maneuver, and it performs double duty as an edger as well.

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4. BEST FOR LARGE YARDS: Makita 18V X2 LXT Brushless Cordless String Trimmer

Large yards call for long-lasting power, and that’s what you get with the Makita. From a name synonymous with quality power tools, this cordless string trimmer runs on two, 18-volt lithium-ion batteries (not included) at once—for a total of 36 volts of power. The trimmer has two speeds to match the type and thickness of grass or weeds, features bump feed line advancement, and comes with a reverse rotation function so the user can reverse the direction of the head if the line tangles in weeds. This high-powered trimmer will chew through unwanted weeds and grass in short order, making it a good choice for large yards. Only note that the Makita weighs a beefy 21 pounds and requires some arm muscle to maneuver and operate safely.

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5. BEST FOR PROS: EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt Cordless String Trimmer

Landscape maintenance pros need not look any further. This powerful unit runs on a 56-volt lithium-ion battery (sold separately) and features a high-efficiency motor with enough power to chew through a wide, 15-inch swath of weeds with ease. The tool also comes with bump mode line advancement as an added feature. The EGO Power+ string trimmer weighs in at a hearty 13 pounds, so it works best with a strong operator.

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6. ALSO CONSIDER: WORX GT Revolution 20V Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower

The head on this versatile WORX tool tilts up to 90 degrees, making it easy to reach weeds on slopes while standing comfortably. It cuts a 12-inch swath and operates on a 20V lithium-ion battery. Included is a handy spacer guard that helps keep the tool from bumping into plants, while the shaft adjusts to suit taller or shorter users.

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The Advantages of Owning a Cordless Trimmer

The portability of a cordless string trimmer means the user is not limited to cutting weeds by the length of an extension cord. Likewise, cordless trimmers offer certain advantages over gas-powered trimmers.

  • Many manufacturers offer a line of power tools, such as leaf blowers, that accept the same rechargeable batteries used to run cordless string trimmers.
  • Cordless string trimmers come with push-button start—no pull-cord cranking necessary.
  • No need to store fuel and no-fume operation.
  • Neighbors are sure to appreciate not waking up to the sound of a loud gas-powered trimmer at dawn.

Best Battery Powered Weed Eater: A weed eater is one of the most important tools to maintain a lawn. They can be of different sizes and designs based on different work requirements and using different power sources from gas to electricity. Electric weed eaters can use either wire to get power from an outlet or battery as a power source.

Cordless weed eaters have improved over the years with better battery timing and durability. They can be much easier to use as compared to some others weed eaters.

What should you look for in a cordless string trimmer:

Best Battery Powered Trimmers

You should always look for a stress free device to work within your lawn. The device should not limit your movement and it should be able to give you enough mobility and freedom. You can buy a cordless trimmer which can give you these features and can make your work easier. Some of the important factors to consider while buying a weed eater are:

What power source your weed eater is using?

The trimmers can come in multiple designs which can be driven by multiple power sources, they can vary from gas powered to electricity based trimmers and further they can come with a cord to use electricity directly or they can be battery-driven and come without any cord.

Are battery powered trimmers any good

Most cordless trimmers use battery as power source and mostly they can use lithium-ion batteries which are rechargeable and can be good for some hours once fully charged. The battery ratings can range from 18V to more than 50V which can give varying battery timings. So, you should be able to determine your requirement before deciding which cordless trimmer can be best for you.

Cost of trimmers:

Cost of any device can be deciding factor for its sale. Most of the trimmers comes in a reasonable price range and can be around $50 and some others can be up to $200 based on the quality of product. The cost factor can usually go up because of the additional features they provide in terms of free movement and durability.

Battery timing, technical support and warranty:

Battery timing can be an important factor for you if you are dealing with larger area as most of them can only run up to an hour so you would be required to recharge them after use. You should choose the product with best battery timing if you are required to use it more in a single session. Always choose trimmers which come with some warranty as they can cause some issues sometimes. Buying a product that provides technical support and warranty can save your money.

Your trimmer should be easy to use:

Always buy a trimmer which is easy to use and you are comfortable with it. A cordless trimmer can give you ease of mobility as compared to electric trimmers that come with a chord. Looking at the battery timing your trimmer should provide you enough flexibility and ease to finish your work around an hour or so.

The weight of trimmer:

For a cordless trimmer this is an important factor as you need to carry it around while working where fatigue factor comes into play after sometime and it can be hard to use it further.

You should go for a light weight trimmer which can solve your problem if you have any back issues. You should be aware of the weight you can carry easily and while buying a trimmer for your garden you should consider the weight of device.

10 Best Battery Powered Weed Eater Reviews

Some of the best battery powered weed eater can be:

1. Greenworks 13-Inch 40V Cordless string trimmer

Modern weed eaters using electricity and battery as a power source have eliminated the requirement of gas as power source for most of the weed eaters. With the technology of cordless weed eaters improving over the period of time now they are an important part of lawn maintenance. Greenworks 13-Inch 40V cordless string trimmer is a reliable tool and very lightweight as compared to gas powered or some other electric weed eaters. The machine is very easy to start with push buttons and it can operate at a maximum speed of 900 revolutions per minute when load is not applied.

The device comes with a lovely design with a pivoting head. This design makes sure the use of trimming wire at best as it allows you to use edging wheel for cutting and trimming which is most efficient technique. The device has capability of 13 inches wide cutting path which can make your task much easier and also comes with a rotating head which can rotate about 90 degrees to help you adjust the position of trimmer while cutting around hard surfaces. The trimmer comes with the battery timing of about 60 minutes which can be good enough if you are using for a lawn or courtyard. The device is much quieter than many of the equipment available in market for same purpose.

Key Features:

  • Gas free cordless design eliminates the gas hassle while getting the job done
  • Lighter, reliable, easy push button start will not wear your arms out.
  • Pivoting head allows for edging and trimming capability with edging wheel
  • Compatible GreenWorks Replacement Spool


  • dual sting & can using both strings
  • automatically work
  • easy to maneuver


  • We cannot find any cons

2. WORX WG163 PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer

The device is battery-powered cordless string trimmer which is one of the best battery weed eater. The device comes with an amazing feature which can convert trimmer to a weed edger in just few seconds. The trimmer comes with easy adjustments like handle tilt for easy usage and it can extend to the length you need. The head also can tilt up to 90 degrees which can help to work at tight angles. The device comes with an innovative push button which means that if you want to remove the string you are just required to push the button and trigger the device for few It comes with a cutting diameter of 12 inches and safety guard can provide safety to the other plants out of the cutting area. Trimmer comes with two lightweight lithium batteries each 20V that can help this device to run for more than an hour also it comes with a charger so they can be easily recharged.

Trimmer comes with command feed system where you can remove the string whenever you want with a single press of button. The product comes with free spools for the lifetime so you can change the spools easily when you feel they are not at best. The device is lightweight only about 5.3 lbs which makes it easier to carry around and also comes with technical support and 3 years of warranty.

Key Features:

  • Work it all with the same battery
  • Easily converts from a string trimmer
  • 2 powerful and lightweight 20V Power Share MaxLithium batteries


  • The device is lightweight, having good performance, easy to use and good battery life.
  • It also has new features of instant feed line and push button, tilt of handle and head.


  • Batteries can be no longer at best after some time and you may be required to recharge too often.

3. DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer

This DEWALT trimmer is amongst the one of the best trimmers available in market. The device comes with brushless motor which helps this device to be more efficient and it also has better durability than most of the competitor products in the market. It comes with a 13 inch cutting diameter and a 0.080 inch string . The special feature of this device is variable speed control as it allows user to operate the trimmer at varying speed. The gear design of this masterpiece allows you to control the device speed as per requirement.

It comes with 4 gears and you can change speed from 0 to 6000 revolutions per minute. It also comes with 20V lithium ion rechargeable battery which can easily be recharged with the charger that comes along with it. Despite being on a little heavier side the perfect design and weight distribution makes it easier to carry around. It is designed such that you would not feel too much of weight on your arms and back. The device also comes with auxiliary handle and protection guard.

Key Features:

  • Patented gear drive design
  • Variable trigger with speed control
  • Includes 20V MAX 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery


  • The device is a good alternative to gas trimmers which can be cheaper but release smoke and fumes.
  • Great weight distribution, powerful battery and speed control of device makes it a special one.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Run-time to speed management


  • The motor is not covered under 3 years of warranty and you would be required to pay If you want to change or repair it.

4. Greenworks 14-inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer

The trimmer also comes with a brushless motor and capable of accepting different attachments from other companies as well. The device comes with a 14-inch cutting diameter and 40V lithium ions rechargeable batteries and it comes with a charger as well. Batteries are compatible with multiple devices of same product and you can also use 2Ah and 4Ah batteries depending on your work requirements. The device can be on relatively heavier side as compared to other products in market as it weighs around 13 pounds.

The use of 4Ah batteries can increase the run-time significantly. The brushless motor can improve the efficiency and also run-time of battery. The trimmer uses a 0.80 inch string which works perfectly for most devices. The trimmer comes with beautiful design and weight distribution. It has an easy method to change the trimmer line. It has capability to accept attachments by simply removing a nut, use push button to release and replace with any other compatible equipment and you can simply use trimming end of tool with those attachments. Many of these features makes it one of the best battery powered string trimmer available.

Key Features:

  • Battery and Charger include
  • Battery compatible with multiple tools
  • Quieter operation and higher battery efficiency
  • Starts within seconds with gas comparable performance


  • The trimmer produces minimum of noise and good battery timing as replacement of gas trimmers.
  • It can use multiple batteries and comes with the feature of multiple attachments capability.


  • Ergonomics can be little less satisfactory.
  • A little heavy to carry around too much.

5. BLACK+DECKER Max Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer

The device comes with the capability to convert to wheel edger and again it can be converted back to trimmer. It comes with a cutting diameter of 12 inches with the string diameter of 0.065 inches. It also comes with 2 powerful lithium ion batteries and gives a maximum voltage of 20V. This device can provide you the power to deal with thicker weeds and it works efficiently. Trimmer is designed for performing different tasks like mowing, trimming and efficient cutting around the corners.

The device comes with two speed controls where you can adjust between speed and power depending on the grass and weeds you are dealing with. The trimmer also allows you to feed string quite easily without being required to open any parts of device. It has a nice grip and quality handle which makes it easier to hold for longer intervals due to adjustable height. The motor of this trimmer can give from 5500 to 7200 revolutions per minute and also comes with replacement spool.

Key Features:

  • Converts from trimmer to wheeled edger
  • Power Drive Transmission for increased torque
  • 2 speed control for more power or extended run-time


  • The device is lightweight but very powerful.
  • It comes with multiple batteries and high revolutions per minute and provide adjustments between speed and power.


  • Battery timing can be insufficient when dealing with larger areas.

6. Husqvarna 128LD Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer

The device comes with 17 inch cutting diameter which is powered by 28cc 2-stroke engine. The engine works on a combination of gas and oil which can be prepared following user’s manual. The device comes with a go line feature where you can easily release new trimmer line by simply a tap and trimmer is designed for easy replacement of string. Trimmer gives you capability to monitor fuel of the device due to visible level of fuel.

The ability to attach multiple optional attachments increases the significance of device and it can be converted to a edger in just few seconds. You can easily maintain lawns using edger. It can be converted to a cultivator which can be useful for tilling your garden and also it can be used with pole saw which can be used to improve your reach while dealing with narrow angles and hard to reach spots. The device is lightweight and it can be use for different purposes and it can work best for a household. This gas trimmer comes with the removable shaft which makes it easier to work with and store it. Trimmer is also very to operate as it can be turned on and off with a single press of switch. It also comes with cutting guard for protection. The device comes with a 2 year warranty.

Key Features:

Is fl studio the best

  • Easily release new trimmer line
  • Easy to replace the trimmer line
  • Fuel system using the air purge primer bulb


  • The device is multipurpose trimmer perfect for a household.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Cutting guard for protection.


  • Mixture of gas and oil can produce fumes sometimes.

7. Earthwise LS T02010 20V Cordless String trimmer

This trimmer is considered as one of the best battery driven trimmer in market. It comes with a powerful motor which can give better work rate and also to back it up it has 20V, 2Ah rechargeable lithium ion battery. The device comes with a fast charger to satisfy the needs of quick charging. Trimmer has a cutting diameter of 10 inches and it works with the string having 0.065 inches of diameter.

This battery-driven trimmer has a flip down edge so you can easily convert trimmer into a edger. The adjustable handle makes it easier to operate as per your requirements and ability to operate with pole makes this trimmer a perfect device to work at difficult angles. The best thing about cordless trimmers will always be flexibility and in addition to this battery-powered trimmers provide easy maintenance, no fumes and easy usage. The thing about the device is you can use any 20V rechargeable batteries that will work for the device and it comes with 2 year warranty with an year of warranty for battery as well.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable handle
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Cordless, battery-powered and requires no gas or oil
  • Powerful 20-Volt 2. 0Ah lithium-ion battery and fast charger included


  • The device satisfies the need of good trimmer required for lawn maintenance.
  • The battery comes with warranty which most companies do not provide.


  • The powerful motor can cause the battery to drain quickly.

8. Makita XRU09PT1 Cordless string trimmer

The device comes with a brushless motor which is capable of producing high power and more rotational force. Trimmer comes with variable speed control and multiple speed options which ranges from 500 revolutions per minute to 5000 revolutions per minute and allows user to decide between power and run-time. It has quick line feed system which allows user to quickly change the line. It works with 0.080 diameter of string.

This trimmer is a quiet device which requires little maintenance. It comes with a 36V maximum operating voltage and comes 4 lithium ion rechargeable batteries. Brushless motor with powerful batteries can generate more power and better run-time. It also comes with fast rechargeable charger. The optimization of brushless motors makes it perfect and unique which can save battery and increase run-time up to 50 percent.

Key Features:

  • 3 speed options
  • Includes bump and feed trimmer head
  • Automatic Torque Drive Technology mode


  • Optimization of brushless motors allows better run-time.
  • The device comes with fast charger for quick recharge.
  • Variable speed control allows to save battery.
  • Control over runtime.


  • A new user can face a hard time changing string of the trimmer.

9. WORX WG 184 Cordless trimmer

The trimmer comes with a two 20V batteries and which can share power to give maximum results. It can easily be converted to a edger so it can perform the tasks of edging along with trimming. The latest string trimmer comes with quick line feed system which allows user to string the device quickly. The device also gives user control over speed. You can change speed for thicker weed or grass and increase it according to requirement but it comes at the cost of less run-time.

The device comes with a soft handle grip which makes it easier to hold for longer periods. The trimmer comes with pivoting head which is able to rotate so provides ease to cutting around hard surfaces and slopes. The trimmer comes with 13 inches cutting diameter. It has a push button which can easily rotate the head of the trimmer. The device also comes with addition spool and a fast charger. It also contains a safety guard for protection.

Key Features:

  • Professional-grade trimmer line for sharp edges
  • Increase the speed when you run into tougher grass
  • Easily converts from a trimmer into an in-line wheeled edger


  • Easy to use and perfect design.


  • Customers support can be hard to find.

10. DEWALT DCST925M1 String Trimmer

The device comes with a 20V maximum voltage. It comes with multiple gear system which allows device to change speed according to grass or weed it is operating on. If it is being used on thicker grass the speed of the trimmer will go up. The device uses string having diameter of 0.080 inches which can be quickly fed using instant feed in system.

The gear system offers ability to change speed of the device which in turn allows to control run-time of machine. The trimmer is a lightweight device with ergonomic and balanced weight distribution that can give you flexibility and mobility.

Key Features:

Best Battery Powered Trimmer/edger

  • Gear drive transmission design
  • Variable trigger with high/low speed
  • Lightweight, ergonomic and balanced design

Pros :

Best Battery Powered Weed Eaters

  • Variable speed controls.
  • Ability to control runtime.


  • Motor can get hot quicker.

How to use the best battery powered weed eater?

  • You should take care of your safety while using a trimmer, wearing gloves, shoes and goggles for protection.
  • Always use trimmer head to cut the grass and make sure to not to touch the ground as it can damage the string if you keep touching hard surfaces.
  • Maintain a proper handle position so that you can maximize the trimmer efficiency.
  • You should make use of front and rear handle both in order to make best use of device.
  • Keep the trimmers above the area being cut and move the trimmer from side to side.
  • You can change the size of the string manually to make things easier if you are maintaining larger area.
  • You can easily cut around hard surfaces using this device because of rotating head.

Final Thought:

The battery-driven cordless weed eaters come with multiple features and qualities. Some are more lightweight while others can be more powerful and some can be combination of both. Some of them can give you better battery timing and others can be good at dealing thicker weed. They can also deal at narrow angles and around hard surfaces but all of them have one common quality, they will provide you flexibility and mobility which was not possible before. Cordless trimmers are environment friendly product as they produce minimum of noise and require less maintenance. With all these multiple products to choose from you can always choose based on your requirements while keeping some of the important factors in mind like what weight you can carry? Which brand is providing technical support and warranty? What is cost comparison of different brands and performance? Then you can get one of the best battery powered weed eater according to your requirements.

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