Corded electric strimmers are a great option for smaller gardens. They are lightweight, easy to use, and powerful enough to tackle long grass and some weeds. They are also the cheapest option to buy.

You never have to worry about carrying that heavy battery around or stress about where you put the charger cable, the plugin strimmer is ready to go straight away whenever you need it.

The Makita DUR181Z 18V Body Only Cordless Li-ion Garden Strimmer is revered by many as one of the best grass strimmers. That is to say, if you’re looking for a cordless system that still provides a lot of power and is straightforward to handle. This trimmer is incredibly flexible and can be modified to match both your height and the cutting. A wide variety of best garden strimmers options are available to you, such as cordless, 2-stroke, and 4-stroke. You can also choose from petrol / gas, electricity best garden strimmers, as well as from straight metal blade, filament, and swing metal blade best garden strimmers, and whether best garden strimmers is ce, or gs. From the straight shaft Craftsman WS205 with WeedWacker head that is compatible with other accessories, to the Echo GT-225, which is supported by an impressive five-year warranty and is highly durable to cope with any rocks or garden obstacles. However, the stand out as the best gas string trimmer has to be our editor’s choice, the Husqvarna. Gtech has designed its range of cordless garden tools with an aesthetic that takes the lead from sleek indoor appliances rather than rudimentary outdoor tools, and the GT 4.0 strimmer certainly.

To help you find the best electric strimmer for your garden I’ve done some digging and come up with a focused selection of the best electric strimmers available. I’ve laid them out so their specifications are easy to compare so that you can quickly see which model is best for you.

Have a read through and check out the buying guide I’ve included to help give you some pointers. If you like the look of any of the products click the Price & Reviews button to check current prices on Amazon.

To start you off, we have the five very best options out there, and leading the way is the top choice.

Top 5 Best Corded Electric Strimmers

  • Top Choice – Black + Decker GL9035GB Electric Strimmer
  • Runner Up – eSkde ESBC2 Electric Strimmer and Brush Cutter
  • Best Trimmer & Brushcutter – Ryobi RBC1226I Electric 2-in-1 Brush Cutter
  • Best Trimmer For Edges – GC-ET 4530 Set, Electric Lawn Trimmer
  • Best Budget Option – Bosch Corded EasyGrassCut 23

1. Top Choice – Black + Decker GL9035GB Electric Strimmer

Brand: Black and Decker

Power: 900Watts

Cutting Width: 35cm

Cutting Head: Automatic Single Line Feed

Weight: 3.2kg

In the top spot, today is this powerful little strimmer by Black + Decker. With a 900-watt motor and auto-feed spool, you can get on with strimming without any hassle. It has a pretty large cutting diameter of 35cm and an edger wheel so you’ll end up with beautiful strain lawn edges without any hassle.

With an adjustable second handle, you have fine control of the strimmer’s movements as you make your way through the long grass. It’s really simple to operate and at only 3.2kg it is very lightweight.

The strimmer can be used with an extension cable of up to 30 meters (it must be 1.5 mm2 HO5VV-F as the manufacturer recommends).

It’s a reliable garden tool with a powerful motor and the low price makes this strimmer an all-round good buy.

2. Runner Up – eSkde ESBC2 Electric Strimmer and Brush Cutter

Brand: eSkde

Power: 900Watts

Cutting Width: 23-36cm

Cutting Head: Line Trimmer & Brushcutter

Weight: 6kg

For a strimmer with a bit more oomph, this model by eSkde with line trimmer and brushcutter blades does just that. The 900-watt motor can power the 23cm, 3 tooth brushcutter blade for thick weeds or brambles and the bump feed, nylon line for long grass and weeds.

This model is a bit heavier at 6 kg but it comes with a shoulder strap so is actually very easy to use. It comes with a 10-meter power cable so suited to a smaller garden.

This strimmer is easy to use and straightforward to assemble. It comes with a 12-month warranty for peace of mind.

3. Best Trimmer & Brushcutter – Ryobi RBC1226I Electric 2-in-1 Brush Cutter

Brand: Ryobi

Power: 1200Watts

Cutting Width: 26-38cm

Cutting Head: Line Trimmer and Brushcutter

Weight: 6kg

If it’s a more heavy-duty job you have in mind, this strimmer by Ryobi is a good option. The powerful, 1200 watt motor is more than capable of handling thick weeds up to 13mm when the 26cm brushcutter blade is installed.

For a lighter, grass trimming job the 38cm line trimmer is perfect. It’s a bump feed system so you simply tap the cutting head to dispense more line when needed.

The user manual states that it is safe to use with an extension cable as long as it’s a safe option to use outdoors and it comes marked with “H05 RNF” or “H05 VV-F”. This can help by greatly extending the cutting area available.

This is a powerful strimmer and it’s important to consider safety first. The manufacturers have fitted the cutting head with a safety guard and it’s important to always use this strimmer parallel to the ground and wear appropriate PPE when using it.

4. Best Trimmer For Edges – GC-ET 4530 Set, Electric Lawn Trimmer

Brand: Einhell

Power: 450Watts

Cutting Width: 30cm

Cutting Head: Twin Line Trimmer

Weight: 2.6kg

For beautiful neat lawn edges, you need a strimmer that’s designed for the job. This lawn trimmer by Einhell is great for trimming after mowing. The 30cm, twin line cutting head gives enough momentum to power through untidy edges.

The motorhead can be rotated by 180 degrees which allows it to easily get around corners or any obstacles. It has an edging wheel which helps guide it along straight lines. It also comes with a flower guard to protect your flowerbeds and vegetable patches from the cutting line.

The line feed is fully automatic so this saves a lot of hassle and it has cable strain relief built-in to protect the power cord. You can set the telescopic handle to your desired height and this feature helps make it compact for storage as well.

5. Best Budget Option – Bosch Corded EasyGrassCut 23

Brand: Bosch

Power: 280Watts

Cutting Width: 23cm

Cutting Head: Line Trimmer

Weight: 2kg

If the price is your top consideration then it doesn’t get much cheaper than this Bosch EasyGrassCut. It’s lightweight, compact, and extremely easy to use. The 23cm line can get into tight corners.

An auxiliary handle gives this a comfortable grip and can be adjusted to suit you. The strimmer also has a trigger to control the release of the cutting line so you don’t have to stop to adjust this.

This strimmer is designed with a good quality finish and is well balanced to hold.

There are a few bad reviews out there stating that this strimmer isn’t worth it. Personally, I feel if you consider that it’s one of the cheapest options out there at around a quarter the cost of most models and is only 280 watts in power you need to use it for what it’s designed for.

This is a grass trimmer for neatening edges after you mow. It won’t handle very long grass or weeds but it will get into tight spaces that your lawnmower won’t manage. It’s an affordable option if you’re on a tight budget but if you’re looking for a heavy-duty, powerful, machine consider some of the other options on this list.

Electric Grass Strimmer Buying Guide


The power of the motor indicates how well the strimmer will handle long grass and weeds. A less powerful motor will struggle to cut through fibrous plants and will just push them over, meaning they are likely to tangle in the cutting head. For after-mowing trimming and edging, a less powerful strimmer will be just fine. For thick grass and weeds, you need a model with more power.

Cutting Width

It’s important to consider the size of your garden or the area needing to be trimmed before you choose a new strimmer. If you have a large area needing to be done then make sure you get a model with an adequate cutting width otherwise it’ll take ages to finish the job.

Line Trimmer Vs Plastic Blades

Line trimmers are very popular and generally do a very good job of cutting grass. They are prone to breaking and tougher plants will cause the string to snap. An auto feed or bump feed system will help you to overcome this issue as you can dispense more line as you strim.

Plastic blades are tougher and more durable than the string trimmers. They can cut through tougher weeds like nettles a lot easier. The issue with them is that they do break if they accidentally hit a solid object and you have to stop work to change them. They can end up taking longer overall to get the job done.

Cord Length

The standard cord length for most corded grass strimmers is 10m. Some can be a short as 5 meters so it’s worth having a look into before you buy. You can often add in an extension cable to get to those hard to reach areas but always check with the user manual first to ensure your cable is safe to use with your corded grass trimmer.


The weight of an electric strimmer, although far less than a petrol strimmer is still worth considering. They are the most lightweight option out there as you don’t need to carry a heavy lithium ion battery like the cordless models. Make sure that the strimmer you choose is a weight that you can handle easily. If it’s too heavy you’re going to struggle to use it and larger areas will be out of the question.


Neat edges are one of the main reasons most people buy a strimmer or grass trimmer. The best grass edging trimmers have adaptations to allow them to do this efficiently. An edging wheel is an excellent guide for straight edges and a flower guard will help protect flowerbeds and vegetable patches. It’s also helpful if the cutting head is designed with a hinge joint to allow it to work well around corners.


Probably the most important consideration when buying any new piece of equipment has to be the price. The new strimmer has to fit into your budget otherwise it’s not a great option for you. Corded electric strimmers are the cheapest strimmers out there and I’ve included some great budget options here if money is tight.


What’s better, a corded or cordless grass trimmer?

A cordless strimmer can be a great option if you have a larger garden. They are easier to use and more eco friendly than petrol grass trimmers. The downside is their runtime isn’t very long. A corded electric strimmer is powerful enough for grass trimming and you can work away without worrying about battery life.

Which strimmer is best for my garden?

As a general rule, a small garden with trimming and edging needing done, a corded electric model will do just fine. For a medium sized garden or if you don’t have a power supply nearby, a cordless electric will do you well. For large gardens or heavy duty work, you really need a petrol model to give you enough power to tackle those weeds.


Is a straight shaft or curved shaft trimmer better?

A strimmer with a curved shaft tends to be shorter, lighter, and easier to use for general trimming work. The downside is they can be a bit too short for tall people to use and the curved end can get in the way if you’re trying to trim under benches or low branches.

What’s the difference between a trimmer and a strimmer?

The term strimmer is actually just a shortened version of grass trimmer. The terms are interchangeable but some manufacturers will classify their products as one of the other just to make things confusing.

What is the difference between a strimmer and a brush cutter?

A strimmer is designed to tackle soft grass and small weeds. The cutting head is plastic blades or nylon string. A brushcutter is a metal blade that comes with some strimmer models. It’s a lot more powerful and can cut through tough weeds. The best electric brushcutters are still not as powerful as the best petrol ones but they can handle weeds and long grass.

More Electric Strimmers Reviewed

BLUE RIDGE Electric Grass Trimmer

Brand: Blue Ridge

Power: 600Watts

Cutting Width: 32cm

Cutting Head: Automatic Line Feed

Weight: 2.8kg

If you’re looking for a garden tool that does both trimming and edging then consider this one by Blue Ridge. It’s comfortable to use due to the telescopic shaft and an auxiliary, adjustable handle.

The line feed system is completely automatic to save you time and hassle and this model comes with a spare spool which is a nice feature.

The shaft has a twist handle that allows you to quickly and easily transform it from edging mode to trimming mode in no time at all. The cutting head also has a flower guard to protect your garden plants from falling victim to this strimmer.

It’s pretty powerful and comes with a 2 year warranty so this strimmer will do you well. The power cord isn’t very long though so it’s better used on smaller lawns.

Flymo Contour 500E Electric Grass Trimmer

Brand: Flymo

Power: 500Watts

Cutting Width: 25cm

Cutting Head: Automatic Double Line Feed

Weight: 3kg

This is another great budget option if you’re looking for a trimmer and edging tool. It has a twin line with an automatic feed which makes this strimmer a very effective one.

The telescopic shaft and soft-grip handles make this one very comfortable to use and it’s built with a large edging wheel to give you a controlled and neat finish.

This strimmer is very easy to use, it’s quiet and it’s very versatile for navigating around obstacles. It can get around and under garden furniture with ease and the flower guard will protect your vegetables.

It’s lightweight, affordable, and quiet to use so is perfect to use in an urban setting.

Bosch ART 24 Electric Grass Trimmer


Brand: Bosch

Power: 400Watt

Cutting Width: 24cm

Cutting Head: Automatic Twin Line

Weight: 2.6kg

For smaller garden jobs this Bosch Art trimmer is a great option. The auto feed twin line keeps this strimmer working effectively without stopping and starting. The cutting head rotates by 90 degrees to switch from trimming to edging mode with just the click of a button.

It’s only 2.6kg in weight and the ergonomic handles help make this a really comfortable garden strimmer to use. For ease of use, it also has an adjustable shaft so the height can be easily adjusted to fit you.

It’s lightweight, powerful, and won’t break the bank. Perfect for small lawns.

Makita UR3000 240 V Electric Trimmer

Brand: Makita

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Power: 450Watts

Cutting Width: 30cm

Cutting Head: Line Trimmer

Weight: 2.6kg

This small yet mighty strimmer can handle long grass due to the twin line head. It’s a bump feed system so quick to replenish the line on the go. The cutting head can move 180degrees of rotation to allow excellent edges.

It comes with a safety guard and a lock-off lever so you can’t accidentally start it up. The 10 meter cable will handle small lawns and a 30cm cutting diameter will have the job done in no time.

It has a rigid aluminum telescopic pole which is both durable and easy to adjust to the correct height for you. The second loop handle is also fully adjustable for added comfort when in use.

Black and Decker BESTA530-GB Corded Strimmer

Brand: Black + Decker

Power: 550Watts

Cutting Width: 30cm

Cutting Head: Automatic Line Feed System

Grass Strimmers At B&q

Weight: 3.15kg

Finally, we have this small grass trimmer by Black + Decker for you. For a smaller electric model, it’s powerful enough with a 550watt motor. 30cm cutting swathe will tackle rough patches with ease and the auto line feed will keep you hard at work.

It can easily switch between trim and edge mode and has a handy guide wheel to help you achieve straight neat edges. The telescopic pole will give you a comfortable grip no matter how tall you are.

It’s compact, lightweight, and affordable and is a great choice for small gardens.


Best Garden Strimmers Cordless

Corded electric strimmers are lightweight, easy to use, and inexpensive. There are plenty of options out there and I hope this article has helped narrow down these and given you a clearer idea of what you need for your lawn. We all love neat and tidy gardens and I hope you find the perfect strimmer to help you achieve just that. Happy strimming!

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