With extended hedge trimmers, you get to manage your lawn to perfection by yourself. There are 8 best products you should take a look at. You must know which factors you should look for in those hedge trimmers for better performance and more satisfying results. Thus, some buying tips are when choosing an extended hedge trimmer and the 8 most leading models on the market.

Buying Guide

Power: this part is essential to check or understand first before deciding to get one for yourself. Several types of power can support the hedge trimmer, such as cord electric, one that operates with a battery, and there’s even a heat trimmer. As for the other two, you must already understand how it works, but they use oil or gasoline for the motor to run as for the heat trimmer.

Blade’s Length: there are many sizes you can choose from, from shorter to longer blades. But you must know the purpose first. The short blade makes it easy for you to trim those shorter plants, while the longer blade helps you reach much further.
The Length of The Handle: besides the longer cut, there’s also some product with a longer handle or pole because you need to trim those taller plants.

Grip and Weight: These two-part are also important, so you should not overlook them. The reason is that when it’s too heavy, you will easily feel tired or hurt your body. As for the grip, when the weight is heavy, you won’t be able to hold it for long.

  1. The Best Pole Hedge Trimmer Reviews of 2021. Black+Decker 20v MAX Cordless Pole Hedge.
  2. Overall, the Greenworks 22272 telescopic or cordless pole hedge trimmer is definitely one of the best telescopic trimmer out there, and it’s good for the money, especially if you already have other Greenworks products. The only con is that the shaft or pole looks a little bit flimsy, but for what it’s worth, it’s okay.

This Black and Decker model is our clear winner for the best pole hedge trimmer, by a country mile. It has an extremely long reach, coming in at over 6 feet, meaning you can potentially trim hedges that stand over 10 ft in height. The power is enough to tackle home jobs and it is very durable, meaning it will last you for years and years to come. The striking Greenworks hedge trimmer has a 2.7 amp electric motor enabling any gardener to be able to get any type of job done quickly, safely, and effectively. It has a blade of 18 inches which is dual-action and is made from steel for durability, high performance, and ease of maneuvering. 10 Best Lightweight Hedge Trimmer April 2021 Results are Based on. 8,473 Reviews Scanned. Earthwise CVPH43018 Corded 4.5 Amp 2-in-1 Convertible Pole Hedge Trimmer,Grey 9.7 9.2.

8. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Extended Hedge Trimmers

If you’re looking for a good hedge trimmer, then you should check Black+Decker. The product of this brand has a 22 inches blade with a dual cut. You won’t feel much vibration while holding or using it since it’s 40% less than others. The battery is really powerful with 20V of a max of lithium-ion so that you can use it for a longer period for each single charging time. This hedge trimmer of Black+Decker could trim the hedge up to 3000 square feet. It also cut off those ¾ inch thick branches easily and faster. The product has a small body, making it easier for the user to carry it around or use it for a longer time without feeling sore.

The handgrip is well made so you would feel comfortable. Furthermore, it’s a cordless hedge trimmer, so you don’t have to worry about work’s limited distance. There’s a 2 years warranty free for the purchase of this brand.

7. Greenworks 22-Inch Extended Hedge Trimmers

The GreenWorks store has a great quality hedge trimmer that you should get to create your yard’s best view. This trimmer has a strong motor and battery with a longer lifespan to support the activities. For each fully charging, you can use up to 30mn or more for a non-stop activity. The 24-volt battery will give you better performance and results. The dual blade is 22-inch longer, which covers a larger area and reaches further. The cutting capacity is up to ⅝ inch; you won’t have to worry if it tangles with the branch at all; the blade will cut through everything.

The best part is the trimmer handle can turn 180 degrees, so it’s quite flexible and convenient for the user to trim any angle of the hedge comfortably as they don’t have to turn the whole thing around. It’s super light in weight, less than 5 lbs. Even the speed of the blade moves faster, around 1200 strokes per minute. As for the Greenworks tools, you will receive a 4 years warranty, along with 2 years of the separate battery alone.

6. Greenworks 8 Inch Extended Hedge Trimmers

If you decide to purchase this 8-inch hedge trimmer, you can use it for several purposes, not just for trimming the hedge since a 40-volt battery supports the machine. That’s why you can use this machine to clean your yard up to 350 yards. Since this trimmer has such a long handle, you can reach farther than before. It’s not limited to use with the hedge only; this model from Greenworks can even be used to cut off the wood.

As mentioned, with this long pole, you will be in the safe zone while working and not worry about any unexpected accident while trimming or cutting at all. This product even had oil apply automatically to the blade or chain when it’s necessary.

5. DOEWORKS 20V Extended Hedge Trimmers

Best pole hedge trimmer

This hedge trimmer of this DOEWORKS, run by a 20V of a max of lithium-ion with a dual cut of the 20-inch blade. The blade is sharp and spins faster, leaving a neat and satisfying result for the user. Since it’s also a cordless hedge trimmer, you don’t have to worry about the wire’s tangle or limited distance for working. Moreover, after it’s fully charged, you can use it for a long period to cut or trim any branch that’s ⅝ inch thick with no issue at all.

The extended pole gives a great advantage to the user since you can reach to trim the hedge further. It’s lightweight to carry without feeling exhausted. When the product arrives, you will receive the hedge trimmer, one battery, and one charger inside the package. If you purchase this hedge trimmer model of DOESWORKS, you will get a worry-free warranty for 24 months for the product.


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This BEHT150 model from BLACK+DECKER also has a dual blade for trimming or cutting the hedge but is 17 inches long. The handgrip handle is made from hardened steel to reduce the vibration from trimming while holding it with your hand. The powerful motor of 3.2 amp will help you finish the work much easier and quicker. It’s really light in weight and compact in size, which is convenient for storage. Anyone, either man or woman, can use or handle this hedge trimmer BEHT150 easily. Also, you won’t feel tired or fatigued from carrying it for a long period.

Since it has a wire for plugging, cord retention prevents it from unplugging unconsciously while using. Furthermore, since it needs electricity while trimming, you don’t have to worry about the limitation of duration you can use it for. You can use this for as long as you like. Compared to those batteries’ trimmer that can be used in a shorter period. The built-in handgrip is strong and sturdy, so it won’t break off easily or slip through your hand.



This best hedge trimmer is the product from DEWALT, model DCHT820B. It has a high-quality blade of 22 inches, which will trim all those hege neatly. It’s a cordless trimmer with 20-volt max with a powerful motor force that has a cutting stroke at a minimum of 2800 spm that can cut up to ¾ thickness of the branch.

It has a compact size so it’s really light which you can use with your hand without feeling the exhaustion or tired from it, even the handgrip is easy to fit perfectly with your hand. It is easy to manage and won’t require a lot of force. There’s even a warranty of 3 years on the product alone, plus one year on service and 3 months for returning.


This cordless hedge trimmer also comes from BLACK+DECKER brand, but compared to the older version, this one has an even more strong and powerful motor. This LHT341FF uses a 40-volt max battery life, which is more than a normal hedge trimmer, so it will be able to run for a longer time while providing more power for use. The dual cutting blade has 24 inches long, which you can trim without the need to stand on the higher chair to reach the top.

Best Pole Hedge Trimmers 2017

You won’t feel the vibration much, and this brand can cut ¾ branches quickly than normal, which helps you save so much time and energy. For each time you charge, you can trim up to 6000 square ft.

1. Earthwise CVPH41018

This Earthwise CVPH41018 has an overall of 18 inches that is over 6 ft. long and has a ¾ inch cutting width. You don’t have to worry that it will get stuck while pushing through the bush for cutting or trimming at all since the spin is moved fast, and so is the blade. The pole is adjustable to your preference, with 6 cutting positions for more purposes on tall or short plants.

It’s a two in one product that is a hedge trimmer but also a pole trimmer. The head is also able to turn 150 degrees, which makes your job even easier. It weighs only around 10 pounds, so it’s quite comfortable to use.

Best Pole Hedge Trimmers Cordless


With these top 8 best-extended hedge trimmers, you will be able to get a good hedge trimmer for your yard. Getting one is a good choice because it helps save you a lot of money and get a result that suits your personal preference. And from the help of the buying guide above, you must understand or get the gist out of it. You can also choose from the above-listed product or use them as references for future purchases.