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Cymatics.fm - The #1 Site For Serum Presets, Samplepacks & More! Description: So many factors go into creating incredible Future Bass music, but it all starts with having clean and professional samples. Seriously, when you have access to the same quality of sounds as all the top producers, the possibilities of just how amazing your tracks can be are endless.

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Comment by Олег Кустов

Not bad

Comment by PRECISION


Comment by Obaid Aslam

Crazy music but it is good tu listen

Comment by Askm3

@deaddreamerlegit: I already bought it tho xD

Comment by DeadDreamer (死んだ夢想家)

Davinci 17 studio. Bery Ebic

Comment by DeadDreamer (死んだ夢想家)

@askm3musicofficial: Pirate it :D

Comment by Heri Mu

wowwwww...... amazing..... in 1minute crazy skil...... i need download cymatics , thanks you admin ;)

Comment by Shadow

el drop esta muy excitante xdxdxdx :v

Comment by Shadow

is very excited the drop

Comment by G.ofx18


Comment by Matthew Larson

Classic Dub,Compressed toshit.

Comment by †BANXY† archives


Comment by Connor Gregory

@user69696969696969699669: Yeah, I feel ya!

Comment by Tezamp

@gohma_official: probably the melody only. the drop feels diff from the way nasko does it.

Comment by Gohma

@tezamp: for me, it does

Comment by Tezamp

@gohma_official: doesn't feel like nasko at all

Comment by Tezamp


Comment by Tezamp

Cymatics Fl Studio


Cymatics Fl Studio

Comment by Gohma

Cymatics Free Download

@cymaticsfm: sheesh, well Synthferatu really figured out Naskos style then! ;) Well done

Comment by A.M.S.P.

Check this https://soundcloud.com/amspmusic/cymatics-ai-amsp-master

Comment by Hyphol

@impakt-official: i cant remember the last time i even used massive lmao

Comment by Gohma

Nasko, 100%

Comment by zayon



Comment by Marrow

@official-lunar: massive is nothing compared to the beast that is serum

Comment by STVHP!


Need serum plz

Comment by Lunar

@user69696969696969699669: lol, so much more worth it then sylenth or really anything. Though I haven't tried massive..

Comment by Blyte

WOWWW Thanks dude!!!

Comment by MSG

Free Download Drum Kits For Fl Studio

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Cymatics Fl Studio Pack

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Cymatics Fl Studio

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Cymatics Project X

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