Because the competitors cannot do what Evernote can. I love and use Notability as my personal “best” for taking notes. But if I want to save my notes and find them again I share them to Evernote. Often as pdf files from within Notability. So you really need both Evernote and Notability. It is not one or the other. Notability, is one of most complete and professional note taking apps available for iOS. Considering the app is currently US$0.99, it is exceptional value for the level of functionality that users. Notability: PROS checklist Evernote integration, mean that. Content is always available online or in the Evernote client. Attachments: photos, locations, hand drawing. Adds an undo button as well as two cursor buttons for easier text navigation, ideal for small edits. Takes advantage of Evernote tagging. Very strong ToDo and Timeline.

Product Comparison

Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, and Notability are all note-taking programs with various features that are must-have for any note-taking software, such as cloud storage and syncing, multiple platform access, and ease-of-use. So how does Evernote compare to OneNote and Notability?
Multiple Platform Access
Evernote is accessible both on the web and on tablets and mobile devices via apps.
Everything you do on Evernote syncs to your other platforms, so if you create a note on your desktop or laptop and later, need to access that note on your smartphone or tablet, all you need to do is open the app and the note will be there.
MS OneNote and Notability both have this same feature, but with one difference. Evernote and OneNote are free to use, while Notability - both the mobile app and the Mac app - cost money.
Cloud Syncing and Storage
Cloud syncing and storage go hand-in-hand with multiple platform access, and all 3 programs have it. Evernote and OneNote sync to the cloud and any notes created are automatically saved. Notability is a bit different. With Notability, your notes will sync across platforms, but only one platform allows you the ability to store your notes. So if you use Notability on your smartphone and tablet and you want all of your notes to save to Dropbox, you have to choose which device stores your notes. Both your tablet and your smartphone cannot be connected to a storage service at the same time.
User Interface
The user interface on Evernote, OneNote, and Notability are extremely user friendly and one can easily navigate all 3 programs in very little time. Note-taking features such as bolding, italics, underlining, bullet points, etc. are all front and center when writing notes, and each program offers an in-depth “Help” section.
Evernote uses Notebooks to organize notes and tags to make notes easily searchable.
OneNote also uses Notebooks, as well as horizontally organizes notes via tabs, and Notability uses Dividers. From my own personal experience, I prefer Evernote and Notability’s organization methods, as I found OneNote’s Notebook usage confusing and clunky. I also found it a tedious task to delete notebooks in OneNote. While Evernote and Notability only require a simple “right-click and delete” method to remove Notebooks and Dividers, OneNote requires users to go into their OneNote cloud account online to delete Notebooks.
Evernote, OneNote, and Notability all allow various types of media into notes, though Evernote and OneNote are definitely better at this than Notability. I’ve used all 3 programs, and Notability is way behind the times in this department. But for media-heavy users, Evernote is definitely the better choice.
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What’s up everyone?

For those that don’t know, I’ve used Evernote for years. I’ve written extensively about Evernote in this space, created YouTube videos about it, and generally recommended it to anyone who would listen. Graphene battery car.

However, I have made a switch in the way I take notes for school.

Youtube Notability

Transfer notes from evernote to notability

A few weeks ago, I purchased Notability for my Mac.

I have began the process of using Notability for all of my classes, as opposed to Evernote. Now, there were some obvious benefits to Evernote, which I simply do not have on Notability. First, it was free. I had seen Notability on sale in the past, but I did not catch it on sale when I bought it. I paid $9.99. Evernote, on the other hand, is free. The iOS Evernote is also free, whereas the Notability app is not. Evernote, as long as you have it for both devices, will sync all of your notes.

Export notability to onenoteEvernote To Notability

I did not want to pay for Notability twice, so I don’t have it for my iPhone, yet. That may change. But I wanted to see if I like it first. What I’ve done so far for studying when I don’t have my Mac, is set Notability to backup automatically to Dropbox. This means I have all of my notes from my Mac, and I can access them on my iPhone. It may not be as ideal as Evernote in that regard, but I’ve managed a workaround for now.

I really love the creativity of Notability. I like how I can highlight important terms or phrases. That was a big selling point for me. I also love how I can record audio if needed. I’ve used this feature for both my lecture notes and my podcast as well, and it works flawlessly.

Just like Evernote, Notability allows you to create separate subjects, which works great for college. This allows me to stay organized in a familiar way, and it was an essential part of my decision. I was not going to move away from Evernote for a platform which could not create different subjects or notebooks.

Notability is more of a creative app than Evernote. You have the ability to draw within the app, which I’m sure would be even better on an iPad Pro than my MacBook Pro. But on the MacBook Pro, you can use the pen, highlighter, and eraser tool as designed.

Notability Versus Evernote

Evernote To Notability

If needed, you can also export in a variety of formats. You can export your notes as PDF’s, RTF’s, notes, or ZIP’s (if it includes audio).

Evernote Vs Notability Vs Onenote

I think the experience of Notability will really enhance when I buy it for my iPhone as well. Right now, the overall experience is not as good as Evernote, simply because I only have the app for one device at the moment. I still manage to make it work, but I can imagine it being a much smoother process once I have it for the iPhone as well.

Export Notability To Evernote

Evernote has turned me off recently with some of their latest developments. They fixed one of their biggest gaffe’s, but I don’t want to get into that too much. I figured it was worth $10 to try something else. Just to be clear, there are plenty of positives to Evernote, many of which I listed in the early portion of this post. If you’ve never tried Evernote, I recommend it. But if you’re looking to be more creative than simply writing notes — which I am, as of late — I certainly recommend Notability.