Im trying to use my roku without a remote but all of the threads I have read seem to be speaking to people that have a knowledge of writing code and what not. I am using a mac and have tried remoku but for some reason when I enter my I address nothing happens. This might be because I am using my internet IP address and not the roku's IP address but without my remote I do not know how to find the address. Everyone keeps saying just use the 8080 port but again I have absolutely no clue what that means. If someone could please just give me some step by step directions that I can actually comprehend I would greatly appreciate it.

Apr 21, 2020 Roku is a remote control app that lets you control your Roku player or Roku TV using your phone or computer. Roku players usually come with a handheld plastic remote control, but if you happen to lose it or would just like to use your own device, this Roku app is the official tool that you can use to easily do just that.

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  1. To Find Roku IP Address Using Your Remote Turn on your Roku device and go to the main menu using your remote. Once you are in the main menu, you will need to go down to the Settings In the settings section, you will need to look for the Networking Now, you will need to go to the submenu and find the.
  2. Aug 12, 2019 How to find a Roku IP address in a web browser. Another way to find the IP address is using a free extension for the Chrome browser called Remoku. Remoku isn't a perfect solution.

If you see a 'Make sure your Roku device is powered on and connected to your WiFi network' message on the device selection screen in the Roku app, your Roku device was not detected over your network.

First, try going through network setup to ensure your Roku device is visible ('awake') on your home network: Go to Settings >Network from your Roku device (or Settings > Network > Repeat guided setup from an original Roku device).

How to find a roku ip address without the remote

After you have successfully checked your connection, tap 'Try Again' in the Roku mobile app.

Roku Ip Address Finder

If that did not work, try exiting the Roku app, turning your phone's (or tablet's) Wi-Fi off and on and re-entering the app.

Next, confirm your Roku device is on the same network as your phone:

Roku ip address without remote

What's My Roku Ip Address

  1. On your phone, open Settings and check your network's IP address. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Your network name and write down the number next to 'IP Address.' Your IP address will be a four-part number (e.g.
  2. Now, check the IP address of your Roku device. If you have a Roku TV, go to Settings > System > About. For all other Roku devices, go to Settings > About from your Roku device (Settings > Player info from original Roku device). Write down the number next to “IP Address.”
  3. The first three of four numbers of the IP address of your phone and your Roku device should match (e.g. 192.168.0 from IP address If these numbers do not match, your Roku device and phone are not on the same network.

If the IP address numbers match, you can connect manually by entering the IP address of your Roku device in the Roku app. Tap 'Connect Manually' in the mobile app and follow directions.

If the IP address numbers do not match and your Roku device and phone are not on the same network, try the following:

How To Find A Roku Ip Address Account

  • If your Roku device is connected via Wi-Fi, check that your phone or Roku device aren't accidentally connected to a neighbor's Wi-Fi network.
  • If your Roku device is connected via Ethernet, connect it wirelessly to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone. Go through Wi-Fi setup on your Roku device by selecting Settings > Network. Have your network password ready.
  • If you are using a combination cable modem/wireless router, try adding a separate wireless router to your network and connecting your Roku device and phone to it.
  • If you have multiple wireless routers in your home, check that your Roku device and phone are connected to the same router (same SSID).

How To Find A Roku Ip Address Number

If the app still does not show your Roku device, try powering down your Roku device, phone, and router. Restart all devices, wait 3 minutes, then launch the Roku app again.