Apr 23, 2021 The Lexon Flip is fun to use and has a novel design that works well: To turn the alarm on or off, you flip the entire clock over, instead of pressing a button or a switch. Product code: 73439704 A compact design, this contemporary alarm clock is ideal for a bedside table and has a unique silencing function. Simply flip it over to turn the alarm off, so there's no more searching for the off switch in the dark. Featuring on and off faces, LCD display and touch sensor snooze, FLIP comes in rubber finishing offering a soft feel, and a compact design. Having received more than 180 international design awards such as the Red Dot, the iF Design Award, the German Design Award and the China Good Design Award, Lexon has become a must-have brand recognized all around the world. Awarded by international juries, these prizes highlight Lexon’s qualitative requirements and leadership in terms of design. Flip has a different function depending on which side it is on. On the ON side, the alarm is activated and will display the time on the left and the alarm time on the right. On the OFF side, the alarm is deactivated and the alarm clock only displays the time. Flip comes in a wide range of colors, in a rubber finishing, offering a soft feel.

Alarm Clock LED Wooden Watch Table Voice Control Digital Wood Despertador USB/AAA Powered Electronic Desktop Clocks
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LED Alarm Clock Watch Table Voice Control Digital Wood Despertador Electronic Desktop USB/AAA Powered Clocks Table Decor
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USB/AAA Clocks LED Wooden Alarm Clock Watch Table Voice Control Digital Wood Despertador Electronic Desktop Table Decor
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LED Alarm Clock Watch Table Voice Control Digital Despertador Countdown Electronic Desktop USB Charging Clocks Table Decor
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Wooden Bamboo Temperature Sounds Control Desktop Clocks With Silent LED Alarm Clock Digital Watch Electronic Clocks Despertador
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New Digital Alarm Clock wooden Silver Skin clock Sound Control Led Desktop Table Bedside reloj despertador electronic watch
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Quality Digital LED Alarm Clock Sound Control Wooden Despertador Desktop Clock USB/AAA Powered Temperature Display free shipping
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2016 cute desktop clock mesa de som Electronic Led reloj despertador sounds control Alarm clocks Digital LED Clocks Home decor
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LED Digital Alarm Clock USB Charge LED Screen Table Clock Intelligent Voice Control Temperature Display Electronic Clocks
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Digital alarm clock onlineAlarm
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LED Digital Alarm Clock Watch Table Electronic Desktop Clocks USB Wake Up FM Radio Time Projector Snooze Function 2 Alarm
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FM Radio LED Digital Smart Alarm Clock Watch Table Electronic Desktop Clocks USB Wake Up Clock with projection Time Snooze
1500.54 Руб.

Lexon Flip Instructions

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LED wooden light alarm clock despertador western digital external clock hygrometer USB power Battery electronic desktop time
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Lexon Flip Digital Alarm Clock Pink

Digital LED Alarm Clock Large Screen Snooze Battery Powered Voice Control Clocks
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Bamboo&Wooden square wood alarm clock creative Mini LED wood lovely Digital voice clock child bedside home decor despertador
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Lexon Flip Digital Alarm Clock Large Display

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Wireless Charger Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker LED Smart Digital Clock Table Electronic Desktop Clocks Fm Radio USB Fast Charger
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Digital Alarm Clock With Radio

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