One of the first things to setup after you get your new switcher, and setup camera sources is, adding graphics and overlays. Keying your lyrics or lower thirds graphics on top of your video is the starting point for most. We pulled this video from our course on production online, to show you how to quickly get setup with “Keying” your sources. In this video we are using a BlackMagic ATEM Mini Pro but this method would work on any BlackMagic ATEM Products including the TV Studio HD, TV Studio Pro HD and Pro 4K, along with the Production Studio 1ME and 2ME plus the Broadcast Studio 4ME and 8K Constellation 4ME! We also use ProPresenter 7 but this Method will also work with ProPresenter 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 as well as other Presentation Software!

ProPresenter Stage Display for Raspberry Pi is a freeware application to use your Raspberry Pi as a cheap Stage Display so your singers and presenters can see the current and next slide text.

You can also enable Lower Third Mode – generate Lower Third (or subtitle-style) lyrics from ProPresenter. Now you can have one ProPresenter operator effortlessly generate lyrics for both the main screen and a broadcast/internet feed.

Sep 24, 2013 For example, we recently imported 70 JPGS into ProPresenter (all the images were labled “Slide01” – “Slide 70”) and they all imported but they were renamed so they were imported out of order. Due to this, my team has to place them in order. This can be a very difficult task since ProPresenter renamed each slide as well. Digital watch for bedroom light. Is this font visible even when there is content behind it? If you’re choosing what fonts to use for lower thirds then knowing if it’s visible with your live video feed behind it is important. Does this font represent the lyrics well? It’s always good to make sure the font you’re using actually makes sense with the lyrics.

Lower Thirds Propresenter 6 Song Lyrics

As this app has been updated to use HTML and JS, you can also use this on your Mac or PC – or really any device with a web browser. It even supports alpha channel output via CasparCG.

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What does ProPresenter Stage Display for Raspberry Pi do?

Propresenter 6 free trial

ProPresenter Stage Display for Raspberry Pi is a simple way to display the current and next slides on your Raspberry Pi. It also has a clock. It is designed for churches so your worship leaders can see the current and next slide lyrics one one screen.

Because it runs on a Raspberry Pi, you can connect it to almost any TV. In simple deployments, you may like to power your Raspberry Pi from the USB port on the back of your TV. In more complex scenarios, you could input this into your SDI Router or Video Switcher.

The application uses the ProPresenter WebSockets Stage Display API to receive data. It works over WiFi and Ethernet.

If you use Lower Third Mode, only the current slide will be displayed at the bottom of the screen – perfect for alpha-keying onto a video camera feed (e.g. live web stream).


Download and Install

The software is downloadable from the GitHub repository. Simply download the package, copy config-sample.js to config.js, insert your ProPresenter PC’s IP Address & Password into config.js, and run one of the HTML Files.

Propresenter 6 Download

There are a number of different styles to choose from:

  • Stage Display
  • Lower Thirds
  • Various animated displays:
    • Simple
    • Place Gentle
    • Place Rapid
    • Dropdown
    • Keyword

Each style is in an individual HTML file. You can also make your own styles with simple CSS & Javascript – just copy one of the existing files and tweak it to make it your own!

System Requirements

  • Raspberry Pi (tested on a Pi3 Model B)
  • ProPresenter 6 or greater
  • A TV or Computer Monitor
  • A reliable network connection

Who’s using it?

This software was initially developed for my local Salvation Army church in Parramatta. It’s in use every Sunday. I also use it for all the divisional events I run for The Salvation Army. Since it’s release, there’s been a steady number of downloads.

Here’s an action shot of a youth event (the foldback projector is on the far right):

And here’s a lower-tech setup at my local church:

If you want to share how you’re using this app, please email me. Alternatively, hit me up on Twitter.

How to Upgrade

If you’ve already installed this app, it’s simple to upgrade.

  1. Close the app (you can press any key and it’ll quit)
  2. Open a command line / terminal window
  3. cd ProPresenter-Lyrics-HTML
  4. git pull

You should now have the latest version. You can now open it again in a web browser.