Note: While you can only generate 25 license keys on MaxMind, it seems that the same license can be used on multiple sites.

WooCommerce allows shop owners to automatically geolocate customers and display tax rates and shipping methods specific to a customer’s location. In order to determine the correct location for a customer, as of version 3.9+, WooCommerce uses an integration with MaxMind Geolocation.

MaxMind Geolocation Integration setup:

  • Locate My IP Address GeoIP2 Precision Web Services; Country. MaxMind, GeoIP, minFraud, and related trademarks belong to MaxMind, Inc.
  • The minFraud Score service has identified IP address as likely to be higher risk. It's possible that activity from this IP is fraudulent. For a more precise assessment of the risk associated with an IP address, use the minFraud Score service.
  • If the problem you find is that an IP address is incorrectly mapped, please submit your correction to MaxMind. If you find some other sort of mistake, like an incorrect spelling, please check the GeoNames site first. Once you’ve searched for a place and found it on the GeoNames map view, there are a number of links you can use to correct data.
  • Jul 20, 2020 Once the account is up and running, you can go to and download the database as per your need. After the download is complete, unzip the files and copy “GeoLite2-Country.mmdb” file into your project. Below is code sample to get the country from maxmind database from visitor IP address.

Jan 11, 2021 Integrating MaxMind’s Free and Paid IP Geolocation Web Services (in PHP) In December MaxMind released the new GeoLite2 web services, an IP geolocation API available free of charge. IP geolocation services provide information about the geographic location of an IP address. MaxMind offers such free web services, GeoLite2 City and GeoLite2 Country, which are comparable to, but less accurate than, MaxMind’s paid GeoIP2 Precision City and GeoIP2 Precision Country web services.

  • Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > General
  • Head to the General options section.
  • In the “Default customer address” dropdown, choose “Geolocate” or “Geolocate (with page caching support)”

After geolocation is enabled, you need to create a MaxMind account and finish configuring the MaxMind Geolocation in the integrations tab in the WooCommerce settings.


Create an account on MaxMind ↑ Back to top

  • Create an MaxMind Geolocation account
  • On the registration page, complete the form with your information. If you’re not sure what to choose as “Industry” and “Intended use” fields you can fill as “eCommerce” and “Price localization” respectively.
  • After submitting you’ll get an email with a link to set your password shortly. Click on that link and choose a password.

Create a MaxMind License Key ↑ Back to top

Maxmind Ip Demo

Now that you have an account on the MaxMind website you will be able to create a license key.

  • Go to: https://www.maxmind.com/en/account
  • Select the “My License Key” tab in your user account dashboard.
  • Select “Generate new license key”.

Next, fill in the form to generate a license key.

  • Add a description (just as the name of your store)
  • Choose “No” next to “Will this key be used for GeoIP Update?”
  • Select “Confirm”.

You will be presented with a new key. Copy this key straight away as it will be shown only once.

Add MaxMind Geolocation License Key to WooCommerce settings ↑ Back to top

Finally, you need to add this key to your WooCommerce settings.

  • Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Integration > MaxMind Geolocation
  • Paste the license key
  • Select “Save changes”

Now your WooCommerce store is ready to geolocate customers with the MaxMind Geolocation Integration.

Maxmind Locate My Ip

Geoip Demo


Updating the database ↑ Back to top

Maxmind Locate My Iphone

Cheap weed eater parts. The system is set to automatically update every 15 days, using the built-in WordPress function WP Cron to trigger `woocommerce_geoip_updater`.

If the mmdb file on your server doesn’t seem to be updated correctly after this time, you can install the following plugin that will help you troubleshoot scheduled events in WordPress: WP Crontrol.

Geoip Lookup Tool

Once the plugin is installed and active, you can go to Tools > Cron Events, check the next scheduled time for this event, and optionally run it manually.