JavaScript Date object is used to work with dates and times. Date object is created with new Date(). Using Date object, you can create a digital clock in JavaScript. In this article, we’ll show the simplest way to make a digital clock with date using JavaScript. Our easy to use JavaScript code helps to create a digital clock in your web project instantly.

I still don't know how the slave clock contact works o.o Perhaps someone knoe how, and with how many volts. I use it with 12V= atm. Digital 12 or 24 hours using PIC16F84A.

Here you can get three types of clock format, clock with 24 hours, clock with 12 hours, and clock with current date. At first, the javaScript code is provided and then the HTML code.

JavaScript Code

In startTime() function, new Date() is used to define the current Date object. Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Day, Date, Month, and Year are extracted from the Date object using getHours(), getMinutes(), getSeconds(), getDay(), getDate(), getMonth(), and getFullYear() respectively.


At the end of startTime() function, setTimeout() method is used to calls startTime() function every 500 milliseconds. On page load startTime() is executed by the <body> onload event attribute.

Digital Clock with 24 hours Format:

Digital Clock with 12 hours Format:

Digital Clock with Current Date:



Online Live Clock

Atfirst add onload Event Attribute within the <body> element to execute setTimeout() Ryobi cs26 weed eater. function on page load.

HTML to display digital clock:


You can style digital clock as per your web page layout. Here the following CSS code is used to the basic styling of a digital clock.

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