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These fast paced video tutorials from Renewed Vision cover the

basics of ProPresenter 6 to prepare you for hands on training at church.


There are a variety of ways to create presentations with song lyrics in ProPresenter 6. This tutorial shows all of them.Topics Covered: Document import, addi.

The first will open the file in your library folder outside of ProPresenter. It’s Reveal in Finder for Mac users and Open File Location for Windows users. Export ProPresenter Bundle will generate a.pro6x file in the destination that you select. A ProPresenter Bundle includes the document and any media in the selected file. To add it right-click on the toolbar (the bar across the top of ProPresenter with the buttons) and select Customize Toolbar, then drag the SongSelect icon to the toolbar. ProPresenter 6 In addition to ProPresenter 5's SongSelect search pane, ProPresenter 6 has added a new way to search for SongSelect results right in your Library. ProPresenter makes it easy for you to get the majority of document formatting done during the import process. By provide a few basic options to the import process, the program can create slide breaks for you, set the document size, and even format the slides with your preferred template. To open the Audio Bin, click on the Audio icon in the toolbar, select Audio Bin from the View menu, or press Control + A. There are four components of the Audio Bin. At the top are playback controls. Any audio file played from the Audio Bin or added directly to a slide are controlled from here.

In this information packed introductory video you will learn to create your first ProPresenter 6 presentation. My ip address vpn. Video length: 22:05.

Songselect Not Working On Propresenter

Learn where to find what you need quickly. The interface is easy to use and customizable to suite your needs. Video length: 7:31.

This is a very time consuming process so understanding how to let ProPresenter, SongSelect and Reflow Editor work for you is important. Video length: 10:55.


-Johnson Church has a SongSelect license added to ProPresenter.
-A slide template has been created to provide font size that is appropriate for our presentations. The template name is 'Song Slides'. Because of the large fonts we use you will probably need to use Reflow Editor to manage the text so it fits the slides.
-Sometimes a song is not found in SongSelect and must be searched for on the internet. In this case simply copy the text from the internet browser and paste it into the textedit application. Add a carriage return everywhere you want a new slide. Next copy the text from the textedit applications and use the import process in ProPresenter.
-Note the blank slides at the beginning and end of a song. We use these for the slide background. Be sure to put them in the master so you can include them in the arrangements.
-When acquiring song information from the music leaders, be sure to get the composer and arranger. This will aid in finding the right song in SongSelect. Also the music leaders should supply you what verse, chorus, bridge and tag orders they plan to use.
-Order of operations for song import: Search SongSelect, select the song, select the template, import, Reflow Editor, add blank slides to beginning and end, create arrangement, check document title.

Propresenter 7 Songselect Login

When song text does not fit on the slide because of the font size, use the Reflow Editor to flow your text to additional slides. Choose the end of a phrase to add a slide break. Video length: 3:34.

Musicians use different arrangements of verse, chorus, bridge, etc. This video will show you how to create a specific arrangement of a song to meet the needs or your musicians. Many different arrangements can be saved of the same song. Video length: 7:05.

Propresenter Song Select

Working With Bibles
ProPresenter provides quick access to scripture and multiple bibles. Scripture is then easily transferred to slides including slide templates. Video length: 6:17.

Connect Songselect To Propresenter


-You will find several Bibles installed.
-All configuration settings have already been made.
-Pastor Ben indicates where and what verses he wants included in his sermons by saying, 'Text of Mark 1:1-4'.
-Be aware that this adds additional slides to his sermons thus his slide numbers and ProPresenter slide numbers do not match.
-You must keep up on with his script and know where you are at!

Propresenter Song Select Not Working

Importing and Exporting
Simply put, we can do our work on a computer at home or other locations, export our work, import the work on our Sound Booth computer for display in our services. See notes below. Video length: 4:40.

-We are using Dropbox for the purpose of exporting and importing.
-If you are working from a computer other than the one in our sound booth, you can be invited to be a member of our ProPresenter Dropbox folder so you can export your work to specific folders in Dropbox and your exports will show up at church on our Sound Booth computer.
Specific folders in our ProPresenter shared folder, and their content:
Bundles-contains exported bundle files
Documents-contains exported document files
Media-contains multiple folders for media including; Backgrounds, Motion Backgrounds, Photos
Ben’s Sermons-contains files provided by pastor Ben for his sermon slides. Usually these are Pages files.
TextFiles-various .txt files for import usage.
Music-music files in mp3 format.