If you are keen about using an electric power RC vehicle, it is but obvious that you need a great RC battery charger too. But the fact is however great a battery may be, the battery charger is somehow one of the most misunderstood products. This is exactly a bit of research is way more important than trusting the next salesman with whatever product he decides to sell you.

Most times, we get chargers with inadequate power. In simple words, they are either under power or offer too much power. The concern is how the lack of similar important features impacts your entire RC experience.

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The first and most important consideration is the chemistry of the battery under consideration. You have to be very careful what works best in what condition. Therefore it goes without saying that the features of the best RC battery charger will closely depend on the composition of the battery. Therefore, it is important to have a proper understanding of the battery that you are using. Today we have a wide range of options starting from LiPo to LiFe and even NiCd. All of these primarily need proper balancing and that, in many ways, paving the path towards choosing an effective charger.

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But we made the task a lot simpler for you. Here is a ready list of some of the best RC battery chargers that are available currently. We have also created a list of some of the most important features that you must look for in any battery charger. This will help you choose a value buy whenever you go out to shop for these battery chargers. Additionally, it can also enable you to take an informed decision before committing any actual cash for it.

1. Tenergy TB6-B 1S-6S Digital Battery Pack Charger – LCD Display

If you are looking for the best RC battery charger, the Tenergy TB6 is one of the most talked about variants. This is a balance charger cum discharger and helps in offering power supply for all of your battery packs. This is an extremely versatile charger, and you can easily use the same charger for a wide range of batteries including LiPo, NiCd, NiMH, LiFePO4 and even the SLA batteries.

Rc battery charger case

The AC balance charger has some additional advantages too. It comes with an octopus multi-charging harness. That means it is compatible with a mind-boggling range of connectors and therefore, this enhances the use and optimizes the appeal of this charger.

The compatibility of the battery charger does not end just there. Even in terms of voltage compatibility, it is a big winner. Users can easily charge a wide range of popular options and don’t have to go through the hassle of separate chargers for separate batteries. The functionality of this charger is not just limited to this. It also has some interesting features like LiPo and Li-ion balancing and fast charging. These enhance the usability of the chargers to a large extent and provide meaningful support to them.


The LCD screen and big display font also make it an easy to read and easy to use battery charger. The ease of operation also adds to the popularity of this charger in a significant manner. In fact, this is what makes it stand out amidst a variety of other options that are available now. Click here to see the best price.

  • Easy to use charger, has an adequate power supply
  • Intuitive interface adds to the overall user convenience
  • Includes all related accessories and adapters and adds to user convenience
  • Great pricing of the product, makes it a fairly affordable option for many users
  • Durability is a matter of concern, many users have highlighted problems surfacing after the first 12-14 months of use
  • Instruction sheet not very useful in starting or using the charger, need more detailed instruction
  • Risk of fire a concern, especially if the LiPo batteries are overcharged for a given time period

2. Keenstone Lipo Battery Charger/Discharger – Mini Tamiya Connector

This is one of the most practical and functional battery chargers that you can lay your hands on when you are looking for the best RC battery charger. The Keenstone LiPo battery comes with the array of supporting accessories like most other options in this price range. But what really sets this one apart is the variety of features that make it stand out.

The charge /discharge cycle is quite convenient and often allows users up to 5 cycles of balancing the battery and refreshing continuously. Depending on your need, you can also set the time of the interval between charge and discharge. Maxmind my ip. The storage and memory features of this battery charger are also phenomenal. Whether it is the battery type or the quantity of cell, discharge current, whatever it may be, it can easily memorize and save you the hassle of formatting it every time.

The fast charge element is another time-saving proposition. The storage mode ensures that you do not lose charge when you are storing the LiPo batteries for a long time unattended. All you need to do is select the appropriate voltage or intensity and store it. This will ensure that you don’t have to recharge every time after a long gap.

The balance charging feature is an added advantage. It cuts down the need and the risk of overcharging the cells. Needless to mention, that to converts into savings in many ways. The longevity of the battery also increases as a result. Click here to see the best price.

  • Easy to operate and guarantees fast charging of cells
  • The charger fan not too noisy, so it is not disturbing to use even in a small or cramped room
  • The turn-off features reduce the risk of explosion or overheating of batteries
  • Ability to easily adjust and adapt as per the user’s charging requirement
  • Compact design enables faster and effective charging without a hassle
  • Durability is a matter of concern and users must check the replacement conditions before buying. There are a few reviews that indicate this stopped working after a few weeks of working. The consistency factor needs to be looked into. However, this is not a recurring complaint.

3. iMAX B6AC Version 2 Digital Battery Charger – Internal Resistance Meter

If you are on the lookout for the best RC battery charger, the iMAX B6AC is one of the ace variants that you can explore. There are many reasons that I can recommend this battery charger for but the biggest will the high charge rate. This battery charger has a high, 6 amp charge rate. That means, you have a fair degree of overall output and ensure that you get a value proposition.

The balance charges and discharges ensure versatility of the product and make it rather multi-functional. Irrespective of the type of battery that you may be using, you can easily use this charger for recharging. The storage mode in this battery charger ensures that the charge remains intact for a longer period of time. Needless to mention, this improves the life of the battery to a large extent.

Additionally, there are some unique safety features in this battery. It has a temperature cutoff, time limit cutoff and also capacity cutoff. This ensures that the risks of overheating and battery explosion are relatively restricted. The overall memory storage settings of the battery are capped at 10, but even that is quite comprehensive keeping in mind the range of options required.

There are a total of 5 charging plugs and balances a range of 2S-6S Batteries. Click here to see the best price.

  • Proactive customer service enhances the overall buying experience and enhances the degree of customer satisfaction
  • Efficient and effective battery charger
  • Safety features make it a rather safe device to operate
  • Durable, flexible and long lasting battery charger
  • Inconsistency in quality of the battery charger in select cases but on the whole there seems to be a general sense of satisfaction with the overall quality and degree of performance of this charger over an extended period of time.

4. Venom Pro Quad Battery Charger – 4 Independent 100W Channels


The Venom Pro Quad 4-port battery charger is one of the newest kid on the block. It is an innovation over the stunning success of their Pro Duo Charger. This is again a multi-chemistry charger that enables you to charge different types of batteries. This allows you to charge multiple packs simultaneously.

Rc Battery Charger Power Supply

This charger is not just cost-effective but also saves space. It has a vertical stance that allows to fix it up in even cramped up space. It saves a significant amount of bench space, and the four charging circuits ensure that you can charge multiple battery points in one go. This charger has a dedicated power supply of 100W just like any other single output chargers.

The charge balancing, discharge of the device adds to its efficiency. The independent channels get 100W power each. There are also two USB ports for charging as well. That means you can use the same device to charge USB devices as well.

The interface of the battery is also relatively easy to use. The navigation tree or the menu is quite easy to operate with a simple five-button set-up. That enables you to tweak the settings as per your requirement. Click here to see the best price.

  • Multi-functional power packed battery charger
  • Convenient and compact design guarantees long lasting service
  • Sensible and practical placement of ports adds to the functionality of the device
  • No power switch
  • A single display of all four ports a concern point
  • No percentage meter to show the level of charge in batteries

5. HTRC LiPo Battery Charger – Adjustable Digital DC Power

Lipo Battery Charger Balancer

When you are curating a list of the best RC battery charger, it is impossible not to mention the HTRC LiPo battery charger. There are many reasons why you may want to bet on this charger. The versatility and power are the most important ones though. This is a dual channel balance charger discharger for a wide range of batteries including LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, NiMH and many others.

The novelty factor of this battery charger is also worth a mention. This C240 is a brand new dual balance charger with the ability to charge two completely different types of batteries at one go. It is multifunctional with a definitive edge. This is essentially a high power machine, and the 2×16 LED display further adds to the practicality of this device. This charge has a built-in fan for cooling and helps to keep the temperature settings in control.

That said, it services both AC and DC batteries and is designed for dual power performance. It can distribute an aggregate power of 150W in DC mode and 2×120 W in AC mode. In either mode, the maximum power capacity is capped at 10A. That apart this device also has the ability to fast charge and service multiple devices at one go. Click here to see the best price.

  • Attractively priced, effective and affordable dual charger
  • A value for money proposition for most buyers
  • Packed with features despite being an entry level charger
  • However, some users have highlighted the sub-par quality of the product that they received from the company

Tips to Decide On The Best RC Battery Charger

So, the parameters to decide on the best RC battery charger are quite complex. You have to take into account a wide range of factors and ensure that the core functionality is not compromised in any way. More than the price, the stress needs to be on the versatility of the product. Irrespective of the worth of the product, the litmus test is how adaptive and flexible is this charger. For the best quality products, it is important that you pay attention to the technical details in a broad-based manner.

Warranty Policies

Rc Battery Charger Walmart

Go for batteries that have the longest warranty policies. Needless to mention, they offer the best value for every penny you spend. Remember that all battery chargers do not have uniform warranty policies. Moreover, not every part of the battery charger is replaceable. Depending on the terms and conditions of the manufacturer, different variants have different warranty tenures. There can also be a pricing difference based on the warranty terms and conditions. So it makes sense to spend a little extra and opt for products with wide spectrum warranty policies for the best deals and value-based investment propositions. That will help you extract better value from every penny that you spend.

Quality & Overall Price

The quality and price are key considerations. Irrespective of the amount of money you may be ready to spend, check whether you are getting the quality you are paying for. It is extremely important to ensure that the quality of the charger is not compromised even if you need to stretch your budget a little more. But if you go for cheaper quality, your incremental costs can go up significantly. It can even result in damaging the overall batteries, and you may also have to buy a fresh set of cells. So the quality and price balance is crucial.


Is your charger compatible with the types of batteries that you are using? Often people feel that they may be using any one type of battery, LiPo for example and many continue to do so. But that may not be always true. They may eventually buy another different kind of battery and then do they have to buy a different charger? That is why it is best to go for ones that can easily adapt to multiple variants and that are compatible with a wide range of batteries that you may be using for your RCs and otherwise.

Your Power Requirement

This is undeniably one of the most important factors to consider. Check how much power the charger can deliver and tally it with your overall need. Also, check the maximum cell count that it may support along with that. This will ensure that you get adequate power in sync with your overall requirement. Often people are confused about the maximum charge current. Don’t just go by that but think about the maximum charging capability of every individual port. The maximum power can be misleading if not understood properly.


Therefore, it is quite apparent that the details are very important when you are looking for the best RC battery charger. But this is one device where going with the crowd will never help. You have to take a call completely on your own depending on your requirements and the type of battery that you use. But remember that every penny that you spend needs to be handled with care. That is the only way you can manage a value deal in its true sense. As they say, the devil is always in the details and don’t compromise on that if you are keen on quality.

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