This is a rotating led clock made of 33 LEDs and hdd motor:-)For any copyright related information, issues or clarifications please contact via PM.

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  4. Rotating Led Clock Kit
  • 1PCS X DS1302 Rotating LED( You can choose the Diy kit or Assembled one). RST key, press the reset button, then the MCU reset. Through the button switch, you can set the alarm clock.
  • Components and Parts. Resistor 330 ohm 8.
Rotating Led ClockLed

I am trying to figure out how to get electrical power to the rotating part of the clock without having to have a separate battery or the electronics on that rotating part.

Rotating Led Clock Kit

It would be an easy matter to make a couple of circular tracks from a copper top etchable circuit board.

Diy Rotating Led Clock Kit

But I can think of a way to make the 'brushes' other than a couple of pieces of bent wire. These are far from ideal because they are likely to wear down the copper track fairly quickly or lose contact with it one way or another.

I was thinking of creating some contacts out of some small ball bearings some how as these will roll around the track rather than drag across it.

I could create two sets of circular tacks, one on the rotating part and one on the stationary part and have the ball bearings in between the tracks.

Clock with rotating faceClock with rotating numbers

Rotating Led Clock Kit Instructions

Avidemux video output. But how could you mount a single ball bearing in a disk of MDF or PVC in a manner similar to the way they mount them in ball bearing races, e.g. used in bicycles.

Rotating Led Clock

Rotating Led Clock Kit

Anyone got any ideas on this? Or perhaps another means of creating a 'brush'?