• 1work round the clock

    Общая лексика:работать круглосуточно(on.. - над..; англ. цитата приводится из статьи в газете Times, Великобритания; в тексте глагол был употреблён в Pres. Cont. Tense)

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь >work round the clock

Round Digital Wall Clock With Temperature

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Round Digital Wall Clock

Round Digital Wall Clock

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Marathon Round Digital Wall Clock


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The round wall clock is ready to add some glamour to your walls. You will immediately enjoy the clock's continuous scrolls throughout, making for a true traditional classic. The face contains easy to read numbers with the name. This wall clock is a good-looking design clock suitable for any room decoration. High-quality silent quartz movement and keeps accurate time. It doesn't make any sound (ticking), it is to be used in bedroom, living room, computer room, coffee shop, office, conference room. Low energy consumption.

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