Software Design and Modelling - Dec 18

Information Technology (Semester 7)

Sequence diagram: A sequence diagram illustrates in a kind of format in which each object interact via messages. It is generalization between two or more specification diagram. The state chart diagram of passport automation system that the service of authority, who is issues the passport received by the applicant and getting the passport. Passport Automation System is an interface between the Applicant and the Authority. 4 Sequence diagram 5 Collaboration diagram 6 State Chart diagram 7 Activity diagram 8 Component diagram 9 Deployment diagram 10 Package diagram. 9 USE CASE DIAGRAM. 10 CLASS DIAGRAM.

Total marks: 80
Total time: 3 Hours
(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any three from the remaining questions.
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary.

1.a. Enlist explain different kinds of relationships used in class diagram.
(4 marks)

This system adopts a comprehensive approach to minimize the manual work and schedule resources, time in a cogent manner. The core of the system is to get the online registration form (with details such as name, address etc.,) filled by the applicant whose testament is verified for its genuineness by the passport Automation system with respect. This Use Case Diagram is a graphic depiction of the interactions among the elements of Airlines Reservation System. It represents the methodology used in system analysis to identify, clarify, and organize system requirements of Airlines Reservation System. Sequence diagram is an interaction overview diagram. It provides a big picture overview of how a set of interaction are related in terms of logic and process flow. This Partial layer architecture shows the interface of the sequence diagram, here the administrator shows the interface by displaying actor symbol.

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1.b.Passport automation system : Passport Automation system is used inthe effective dispatch of passport to all of the applicants. This systemadopts a comprehensive approach to minimize the manual work andschedule resources, time in a cogent manner. The core of the system isto get the online registration form (with details such as name, addressetc.,) filled by the applicant whose testament is verified for its genuinenessby the passport Automation system with respect to the already existinginformation in the database. This forms the first and foremost step in theprocessing of passport application. After the first round of verificationdone by the system, the information is in turn forwarded to the regionaladministrator’s (Ministry of External Affairs) office. The application isthen processed manually based on report given by the system, and anyforfeiting identified can make the applicant liable to penalty as per thelaw. The system forwards the necessary details to the police for itsseparate verification whose report is then presented to the administrator.After all the necessary criteria have been met, the original information isadded to the database and the passport is sent to the applicant.Identify Actors, Use-cases and Draw Use-Case Diagram (s) for aboveCase study.
(6 marks)00


2.a.Elaborate the keyword class, association name, association end name and multiplicity with an example.
(4 marks)00
2.b.Given the following problem description, produce an object orientedsolution. Answer the following questions about your object-orientedsolution.Design a simulation of a basketball conference. Each conference has 10teams. Each team has 12 players. Each player has a specific height,speed, and accuracy. Players know which team they belong to. Someplayers are scholarship players. Scholarship players need to record theircurrent grade-point average. Players may be transferred between teams.Teams play basketball games against other teams in the conference. Theresult of each game is determined using a function based on the height,strength, speed, and accuracy of the players on each team.i) Identify all software classes, their attributes & methods.ii) Draw a Software class diagram showing associations betweenclasses and multiplicities.iii) Which objects contain other objects?iv) Which objects exhibit super-class sub-class relationship?
(6 marks)00
3.a.Assume a home telephone instrument and give the meaning of Event, State and transition.
(4 marks)00
3.b.Online Course Reservation System:The requirement form the customer is got and the requirements aboutthe course registration are defined. The requirements are analyzed anddefined so that is enables the student to efficiency select a course throughregistration system. Whenever the student comes to join the course he/she should be provided with the list of course available in the college.The system should maintain a list of professor who is teaching the course.At the end of the course the student must be provided with the certificatefor the completion of the course.Draw the sequence diagram (s) for the above case study
(6 marks)Sequence00


4.a.Explain concurrent sub-states with suitable examples.
(4 marks)00
4.b.Draw activity diagram for the library case study shown below. List allactivities used in the diagram.Library Case study:Following is a process to issue a book:Every book has a barcode sticker pasted on it. Every employee has Icard on which also barcode sticker is pasted. Employee has to select abook and has to approach librarian. Librarian scans the barcode of thebook with barcode scanner. Then employee has to scan barcode on Icard with barcode scanner. Librarian has to ensure book details, employeedetails and finalize the issue transaction of the book. Librarian tells returndate to an employee.Following is the process to return the book:Employee has to carry the book to the librarian and librarian has toinitiate the return transaction. Employee has to scan barcode sticker ofI-card and book with barcode scanner. System calculates fine by usingfine calculation rules. Librarian asks for fine amount to employee ifany. Employees pay the fine. Librarian finalizes the return transaction.Note that, in above system, if barcode scanner does not work, librarianshould be able to enter data using keyboard. There should be provisionof providing rules of fine calculation. Even if employee doesn’t havebarcode sticker on I - card, librarian should be able to input employee id manually.
(6 marks)00Sequence diagram for passport automation system free
5.a.Explain the process of creating an access for business Classes with Diagram.
(8 marks)00
5.b.Consider bank ATM database system and explain creation of objectModel by giving one example each for -i) Table - class mappingii) Table Multiple classes mappingiii) Table - inherited classes mappingiv) Tables-inherited classes mapping
(8 marks)Draw sequence diagram for passport automation system00


6.a.Explain the Macro - Level process of identification of view layer classes by analyzing use case.
(8 marks)00
6.b.A university is having several departments. Each Department should haveminimum one faculty member to maximum of 10 faculty member. Eachfaculty member has residential address within proximity within 2kms.Attribute of entities are. Department: department name, department type,department start date, current HOD Faculty: Facultyid, Facultyname,subject specialization, Joiningdate, DOB, Salary Address: building name,Flatno, Streetname, Landmark, Pincode, state Country.Develop the design level business layer class diagram using OCL Attributeand Method representation, and Multiplicity between business classes.
(8 marks)00
7.a.Explain Strategy Pattern.Suppose we have an Invoice class in a payment system in which we have to calculate total amount payable but requirement says that amount of calculation depends on member customer or non member customer. Draw a class diagram showing strategy pattern.
(8 marks)00
7.b.Define a Design Pattern? Explain the Classification of GOF design pattern? Name the types of Design patterns with one example of Each type.
(8 marks)00


8.a.Name the types of GRASP design Patterns with one example of each type.
(8 marks)00
8.b.A chess game includes 2 players, 32 pieces (16 per player) and a game board with 64 squares. Draw a class diagram for Chess game showing Creator and Polymorphism GRASP Pattern.
(8 marks)00
9.a.Explain types of Software Architectural pattern.
(10 marks)00
9.b.Explain any two client / service software architecture pattern with deployment diagram and its example.
(8 marks)00


Write short note on:

10a)Software Architectural Broker Pattern.b) Control pattern for real time software architecture.c)Software process Model for software Product line.

(18 marks)00

Clinic Automation System Data flow diagram is often used as a preliminary step to create an overview of the Clinic Automation without going into great detail, which can later be elaborated.it normally consists of overall application dataflow and processes of the Clinic Automation process. It contains all of the userflow and their entities such all the flow of Clinic, Clinic Employee, Employee Leave, Patient, Medicine, Fees, Test. All of the below diagrams has been used for the visualization of data processing and structured design of the Clinic Automation process and working flow.

Zero Level Data flow Diagram(0 Level DFD) of Clinic Automation System :

This is the Zero Level DFD of Clinic Automation System, where we have eloborated the high level process of Clinic Automation. It’s a basic overview of the whole Clinic Automation System or process being analyzed or modeled. It’s designed to be an at-a-glance view of Medicine,Fees and Test showing the system as a single high-level process, with its relationship to external entities of Clinic,Clinic Employee and Employee Leave. It should be easily understood by a wide audience, including Clinic,Employee Leave and Medicine In zero leve DFD of Clinic Automation System, we have described the high level flow of the Clinic Automation system.

High Level Entities and proccess flow of Clinic Automation System:

  • Managing all the Clinic
  • Managing all the Clinic Employee
  • Managing all the Employee Leave
  • Managing all the Patient
  • Managing all the Medicine
  • Managing all the Fees
  • Managing all the Test

First Level Data flow Diagram(1st Level DFD) of Clinic Automation System :

Sequence Diagram For Passport Automation System Pdf

First Level DFD (1st Level) of Clinic Automation System shows how the system is divided into sub-systems (processes), each of which deals with one or more of the data flows to or from an external agent, and which together provide all of the functionality of the Clinic Automation System system as a whole. It also identifies internal data stores of Test, Fees, Medicine, Patient, Employee Leave that must be present in order for the Clinic Automation system to do its job, and shows the flow of data between the various parts of Clinic, Employee Leave, Fees, Test, Medicine of the system. DFD Level 1 provides a more detailed breakout of pieces of the 1st level DFD. You will highlight the main functionalities of Clinic Automation.

Sequence Diagram For Passport Automation System Design

Main entities and output of First Level DFD (1st Level DFD):

  • Processing Clinic records and generate report of all Clinic
  • Processing Clinic Employee records and generate report of all Clinic Employee
  • Processing Employee Leave records and generate report of all Employee Leave
  • Processing Patient records and generate report of all Patient
  • Processing Medicine records and generate report of all Medicine
  • Processing Fees records and generate report of all Fees
  • Processing Test records and generate report of all Test

Sequence Diagram For Passport Automation Systems

Second Level Data flow Diagram(2nd Level DFD) of Clinic Automation System :

DFD Level 2 then goes one step deeper into parts of Level 1 of Clinic Automation. It may require more functionalities of Clinic Automation to reach the necessary level of detail about the Clinic Automation functioning. First Level DFD (1st Level) of Clinic Automation System shows how the system is divided into sub-systems (processes). The 2nd Level DFD contains more details of Test, Fees, Medicine, Patient, Employee Leave, Clinic Employee, Clinic.

Low level functionalities of Clinic Automation System

Draw Sequence Diagram For Passport Automation System

  • Admin logins to the system and manage all the functionalities of Clinic Automation System
  • Admin can add, edit, delete and view the records of Clinic, Employee Leave, Medicine, Test
  • Admin can manage all the details of Clinic Employee, Patient, Fees
  • Admin can also generate reports of Clinic, Clinic Employee, Employee Leave, Patient, Medicine, Fees
  • Admin can search the details of Clinic Employee, Medicine, Fees
  • Admin can apply different level of filters on report of Clinic, Patient, Medicine
  • Admin can tracks the detailed information of Clinic Employee, Employee Leave, Patient, , Medicine