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The goal of UML is to provide a standard notation that can be used by all object-oriented methods and to select and integrate the best elements of precursor notations. UML has been designed for a broad range of applications. Hence, it provides constructs for a broad range of systems and activities (e.g., distributed systems, analysis, system design and deployment).

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UML is a notation that resulted from the unification of OMT from

  1. Object Modeling Technique OMT [James Rumbaugh 1991] - was best for analysis and).

    By 1995, the creator of OOSE, Ivar Jacobson, had also joined Rational, and his ideas (particularly the concept of 'Use Cases') were fed into the new Unified Method - now called the Unified Modelling Language1. The team of Rumbaugh, Booch and Jacobson are affectionately known as the 'Three Amigos'

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    UML has also been influenced by other object-oriented notations:

    • Mellor and Shlaer [1998]
    • Coad and Yourdon [1995]
    • Wirfs-Brock [1990]
    • Martin and Odell [1992]

    UML also includes new concepts that were not present in other major methods at the time, such as extension mechanisms and a constraint language.

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