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Shindaiwa provides premium, high-quality products for the professional user and discerning consumer who value legendary performance. To support our confidence in our products, we offer a 5-year consumer warranty and 2-year commercial warranty. We’re so positive you will be happy with your Shindaiwa purchase, we guarantee you will love it. We Sell Only Genuine Shindaiwa Parts. Shindaiwa T260 Trimmer Parts. Search within model.

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  2. Shindaiwa Hedge Trimmer 22DH Home pro. Ozito PXC 2 x 18V Cordless Line Trimmer Kit.
  3. Husqvarna - 122c - line trimmer $219.00. Husqvarna - 125bvx blower vac $368.00 add to cart. Shindaiwa - 361ws - chainsaw $599.00. Onga - b55h blazemaster pump.

Hybrid 4® engine technology is the absolute best choice available today, and it’s brought to you by the same legendary Shindaiwa name that introduced the renowned T27 Trimmer, the revolutionary Speed-Feed head, and the versatile PowerBroom™. Hybrid 4 is the latest innovation representing the next generation of engine technology that blends the best parts of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine technologies.

The Best of Both Worlds

Historically, most outdoor power tools were powered by 2-stroke engines which are lightweight, easy to maintain with few moving parts and have excellent power-to-weight ratios. But since the early-1990s, manufacturers have been under regulatory pressure to achieve lower exhaust emissions.


Four-stroke engines inherently offer a much cleaner-burning alternative to provide lower emission levels than even the best 2-stroke engines, but add weight to the product.

So Shindaiwa’s low-emissions engineering team believed a “hybrid” engine, blending the best elements of two-stroke and four-stroke technology, would provide an ideal solution for the handheld products. The result is Hybrid 4 Engine Technology.

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  • Shindaiwa is one of the world’s most popular manufacturers of outdoor power tools such as trimmers and chainsaws. One of the main reasons of this popularity is that the brand consistently stays true to its dedication to producing only quality and high-performance products.

    But aside from that, another reason why its trust ratings among professionals and homeowners remain high is its visibility. It has hundreds of dealers stationed in major places in all six continents. So whether you live in Alaska or in Wyoming, you won’t have difficulty finding a dealer near your location.

    If you don’t know where a dealer is located, simply head over to Shindaiwa’s official website, choose the region or country that you’re in at the moment, and then click on the “Dealer Locator” tab.

    On the website, Shindaiwa advises everyone to go for dealers with the “Signature Elite Dealer” sign or logo. Simply put, this sign is a mark of excellence, which when a dealer has it means that the store abides by the company’s (and industry’s) highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. Aside from that, this logo is a sign that the company happily endorses the dealer as its partner and brand ambassador.

    But before a dealer can be a Signature Elite Dealer, it needs to exceed three basic criteria. First, it has to have a wide and extensive product catalogue of Shindaiwa items. Second, it has to have a well-trained staff that knows the ins and outs of the Shindaiwa products.

    These employees must be able to provide full answers to all customers’ questions about the products. Last, the dealer must have a well-equipped or at least a dependable service bay to cater to customers’ needs on maintenance, repair, and parts replacements.

    In the United States, here are the dealers awarded with the Signature Elite Dealer. See if your favorite is on the list.

    Three M Karts and Mowers

    Lewis Lawn Equipment

    Ace Hardware

    Sound Tractor

    Small Engine Clinic Inc

    Lynwood Honda

    Pacific Nail and Staple

    Horizon Distributors Inc

    Issaquah Honda Kubota Inc

    H and H Supply

    Jennings Equipment

    Power Shop

    The Bradstreet Lawn and GardenUnion Farm Equipment, Inc.

    Lapointe’s Lawn & Garden Ctr.

    Regige’s Sales and Service

    A and G Turf Equipment

    Discount Tool Rentals

    A to Z Equipment Rental

    Arizona Lawn King

    Keen Edge

    Surprise Lawn and Garden

    Mow Power

    Aero Equipment Supply

    A and P Lawnmower Shop

    Gravel Ridge Small Engine

    Cleve Addie, Inc.

    Fiser Truck & Tractor

    Jensen and Pilegard

    Parkers Hardware

    Mikes Mower

    Sharpening ShopHorizon Distributors Inc

    Alamia Incorporated

    Mac Equipment Inc.

    Best RentalAuto Electric Inc

    Duffys Small Engine

    Proffitt’s Lawn & Leisure

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    Amarillo Outdoor Power Equip.

    Cutlers Inc.

    Sno-White Outdoor Power Equip

    Giant Oak Power Equipment

    W.H. Preuss Sons, Incorporated

    R & R Power

    Saybrook Lawn & Power Equip.

    Advanced Power Equipment

    Suburban Lawn & Equipment

    Laurel Lawnmower Inc.

    Hickory International

    L J Elter & Sons

    Stoltzfus Farm Service

    Kohler Equipment, Inc.

    Belmont Power Equipment

    Gaithersburg Equipment

    Lawn & Power Equipment

    Hower County Equipment

    Dave’s Power Equipment

    Cutting Edge Lawn Equipment

    Central Florida Mowers

    Waller’s Lawn & Power EQ

    Lake Mary Lawn & Garden

    Wildwood Mower and Saw

    Toney’s Lawnmower & Equipment

    Westover Lawn & Garden

    Quik-Kut Distributors

    Luke True Value Hardware

    Columbus Outdoor Equipment

    Coweta Power Equipment

    Outdoor Equipment Company

    M Kawamura Enterpises Inc

    Waipahu Lawn Equipment

    Hawaii Grower Products

    Macks Saw Shop

    Horizon Distributors Inc

    ALS Lawn Equipment

    Woody’s Outdoor Power

    Belgrade Sales and Service

    Farmers Exchange

    RMT Equipment

    Aces Valley Power Tool

    Day Power Equipment

    Spokane Power Tool

    Nord Outdoor Power

    Henry’s Service Center

    All PowerComplete Outdoor & Equipment

    Shorewood Home and Auto Inc

    Georges Lawnmower

    Bobcat of Indy – Whitestown

    Henthorn Mower & Engine Svc.

    Dannemiller’s Southport L & P

    Dannemiller Hardware

    Wheelers Outdoor Power Equip

    Air Cooled Engines

    Haley Equipment Inc

    Drysdale Outdoor Equipment

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