Considering the fact that there are many glaring mistakes that are present when it comes to sequence diagrams, we have decided to gauge and mention ten of the most common mistakes you are sure to make.

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While “alternative,” “option,” and “loop” are the combined fragments that people utilize the most, there are other combined fragments, such as break and parallel, which a large share of people will..

Text to uml sequence diagram

While we discussed about how to reference another sequence diagram via sending across data through parameters and also return values.

Sequence Diagram Generator

While there is an assumption that Sequence Diagrams were made for developers, the truth is that a company’s business staff could use such diagrams to communicate how exactly the business presently..

Text To Sequence Diagram

Convert Simple Text to UML Sequence Diagram via Open Source Free JavaScript Library.

  1. A simple javascript library to turn text into vector UML sequence diagrams. Heavily inspired by websequencediagrams.com, who offer a serverside solution. We use Jison to parse the text, and Snap.svg to draw the image.
  2. ASCII Sequence Diagram Creator. Web tool for drawing UML sequence diagram in pure text (ASCII). This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

SequenceDiagram.org is an online tool / software for creating UML sequence diagrams. The efficiency when creating and working with sequence diagrams by combining text notation scripting and drawing by clicking and dragging in the. A sequence diagram is an interaction diagram that shows how entities operate with one another and in what order. In this sample, we show the interaction between different people in a restaurant. The diagram uses the Diagram.groupTemplate for 'lifelines,' Diagram.nodeTemplate for 'activities,' and Diagram.linkTemplate for 'messages' between the entities.


JS-Sequence-Diagrams give software developers the capability to generate UML sequence diagrams from simple text via open source JavaScript library. A sequence diagram shows the objects and classes involved in the development and the order of messages exchanged between the objects. The library uses Jison to parse the text, and Snap.svg to draw the image.

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It draws simple SVG sequence diagrams from the textual representation of the diagram. The library includes two styles to render the diagram, the “normal” and the “hand-drawn”. There are several CSS classes provided for SVG diagram customization.

At A Glance


An overview of JS Sequence Diagrams features.

  • Generate Diagram
  • Text to Diagram
  • UML Diagram
  • Style Diagram
  • Diagram to SVG
  • Customized Diagram
JS Sequence Diagrams
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Getting Started with JS Sequence Diagrams

The recommended way to install JS Sequence Diagrams is to run bower install bramp/js-sequence-diagrams and include the scripts below:

Text To Sequence Diagram

also, import the CSS if you plan to use the hand-drawn theme:

Import CSS plan for a hand-drawn theme

Composer offers a convenient installer that you can execute directly from the command line. Feel free to download this file or review it on GitHub.

Generate UML Sequence Diagrams from Simple Text

JS Sequence Diagrams library enables software developers to generate UML sequence diagrams from simple text. The library allows you to add diagram title and place notes over multiple participants. The latest release uses Snap.svg along with Raphaël for drawing the diagrams. Snap.svg is a pure SVG implementation and permits the usage of CSS styling, better font support, animations and more.

Text To Sequence Diagrams

Export Diagram to SVG via JavaScript API

Design Sequence Diagram

JS Sequence Diagrams provides features for exporting diagrams to SVG via open source JavaScript API. Once the diagram is created, the API allows users to download it in the SVG format into the location of their choice. JS Sequence Diagrams has included several important CSS classes that can be applied to the SVG diagram when using snap.svg. It has included sequence classes for applying to main SVG tag, title class for the title of the diagram, actor class for applying to the actors, note class for all notes and signal class for applying to the signals.