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Travelwey Led Alarm Clock Instructions

Travelwey Digital Travel Alarm Clock

Simple Design Makes Setting Your Alarm A Walk In The Park
In this day and age alarm clocks are getting more and more complicated, with a vast array of buttons, settings and alarm sounds all requiring a thorough read through comprehensive instructions before even switching it on.

But the truth is, for the majority of us, all we want is a simple clock, one or two buttons, and a single alarm to wake us up.
The Best LED Alarm Clock For Your Needs
Travelwey has designed the simplest bedside alarm clock for your needs. With just a few labelled buttons on the top and rear you will hardly need instructions to operate this clock.

Travelwey Digital Travel Alarm Clocks

Travelwey digital travel alarm clock manualTravelwey Digital Travel Alarm Clock

The large 1.8 inch LED digits are bright and clear to see from across the room, and during the night the digits can be dimmed to any brightness so it does not disturb sleeping. Just a tap of the top button and a night light can be activated, perfect for reading or for children who don't like the dark. The alarm itself has two different settings for Low and High volume, and with a snooze function you can get that extra 9 minutes sleep before getting up. Finally, battery backup, ensures that when an outage occurs your clock with keep time and not need resetting when power is restored (the alarm will also go off during an outage!)

We checked Travelwey Digital Travel Alarm Clock - 12/24 Hour Date Snooze Light Black free shipping stores, product reviews, and prices over the recent 3 years for you at alarm-clock. Recently, our travel alarm clock died. As my husband and I travel frequently, I ordered this digital travel clock to replace our old one. It arrived within the time frame stated. When testing it, we discovered that one of the features did not work. I contacted Travelwey and described the problem. If you like to pack light and are looking for something to wake you, the Travelwey Digital Alarm Clock may be right for you. This inexpensive digital clock is only about 3 x 3 inches and includes a protective lid for travel. The lid folds out to act as a stand for a bedside table.

Travelwey Digital Travel Alarm Clock

Now on Version 4, we believe this is the most practical and simple alarm clock on the market.

- Big LED Digits With Full Range Brightness Dimmer
- Night Light
- Alarm And Snooze
- VERY Simple Operation
- Elegant Design
- Mains Powered With Battery Back Up
- Dimensions 6.7 x 4.3 x 2.4 inches

1 year, no questions asked, full money back guarantee, if unsatisfied with the product


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